Sunday, June 26, 2016

The House of Higgins: June 26

Splash Pad

Our first trip to the splash pad of the summer =)

E digging for treasures in the dirt =)

Cousin Nicole Visits 

Jacob's cousin Nicole, from San Francisco, was in town for work again (she came for a weekend in February as well) and we were so happy to host her overnight this week. 

Waiting for Nicole out front!

Todder man snoozing in our room since his room doubles as our guest room =)

Lunch out with Nicole

Gymnastics x 2

We had Embry's normal Thursday gymnastics class and then a Saturday makeup class as well since we missed last week! We've made it our weekly norm to go there and then have lunch around the corner at Chick-Fil-A. I may have to start ordering two kids meals since both kids pound the nuggets there.

Finally Toddy got the hang of the straw cup! Game changer!

Elsa braid for Saturday gymnastics

Toddy's 9 Month Well Check

Todder man had his 9 month well check Friday! He weighs 20 pounds 6 ounces (50%), is 28.5 inches (55%), and head circumference of 47.2 cm (94%). The nurses who did his stats double checked his height a few times as he's grown two full inches since his last checkup. His sister was 20 pounds even and 29 inches. He seems to be catching up to her slowly =)

Everything went well! No shots and just a blood draw to check for iron levels. He was actually right on the line on normal, so the nurse told me to keep pushing meats, which he seems to just be getting the taste for! They'll recheck at his 12 month well check. I asked about doing the iron drops and they said not yet. 

Swimming at Our Neighbors House

We have some amazing neighbors! One set has a pool and lets us swim whenever! They even texted me last week saying that we haven't swam there yet and come on over whenever! So Thursday after nap I took the kids over there and Embry was doing SOOO well with her swimming with no float! (and requesting I don't catch her) The S hit the fan when she mangaged to someone cut up ALL of her pads on her fingers and was dripping blood. It just so happened that Todd was fussy and not in his float either (I was holding him). It was pretty chaotic for a few min and I was on the other side of the pool from the stairs (and I can't touch in the middle) so I was holding both crying kids, Embry bleeding, me stressed that Embry was going to faint in the pool from seeing the blood. At one point I had her put her fingers in my mouth to try to stop the bleeding. Thank God Jacob had come home early from work since he had a hearing downtown that afternoon and my phone was close enough to the edge of the pool and he ran down and helped me. It was crazy. Poor girlie's fingers were definitely hurting her the next day, but she's over it now.

Swimming at the Parkers

Saturday we spent the afternoon and evening at our friends house swimming and cooking out! It was the perfect Saturday!



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  1. So we have a gunite pool also and my kids get bleeding toes and finger pads because of the roughness of the cement pool. It is painful but I have yet to find a solution :( they do wear water shoes sometimes but it makes it hard to swim