Monday, July 4, 2016

The House of Higgins: July 4

4th of July Wear on the 27th of June

My love of festive holiday clothing is still going strong, hah. And E went a little fancy to school Monday, but man didn't they look cute?

Tuesday Pools-Day

Tuesday we met some friends at a super fun pool in Richardson. We swam for about 2 hours, then picnic lunched, and then lathered all six kids back up and the SECOND we got back in the water... literally I was on the top step still...a huge clap of thunder shut the place down. Embry was devastated and cried and cried. We went home and both kids napped well (while a storm rolled through) and after nap we met Lauren and Eliot at our neighbors pool for a few hours.

Wednesday Drama

Wednesday morning I snapped most of these pictures of Embry (who was thrilled to have "curly hair" and be wearing Eliot's hand me down Adidas shoes) and we headed to school. I ran two errands and had just walked into another store when I got a call from school that Embry was crying, saying her tummy hurt, and was running fever. I raced back to her school to pick her up, where she was thankfully acting just fine...and didn't feel warm to me. 

Jacob and I had actually talked about taking her to the doctor recently for her tummy hurting talk. It started over a month ago. Jacob...well...babied her big time the day of her stomach bug. Like came home with gifts...... I will admit for a solid week after I had the bug I would have waves of not feeling well. But we've brushed it off over and over. Sometimes multiple times a day she'd say "my tummy hurts" or "something is wrong with my tummy" and she'd move on. For example, I'd say, okay then let's go home or go lay down and she'd say she was fine and keep playing. Often she says it in the car and we know she gets motion sick easy, so I turn her air up and make her look out front and she's fine. She's been eating, sleeping, pooping fine... everything, so we ignored it. But recently it's been more often so we've talked about getting to the bottom of it. 

Wednesday on the way to school she told me "my tummy hurts" and I kinda got onto her and said- okay then you can't go to school today, we need to go home and she said she felt better. Then I got the call from school. So the past month, the call from school, and the fact that Monday was her last dose of antibiotics for her bad double ear infection, I figured a trip to the pediatrician was in order. 

Turns out, one of her ears is still infected. So she's back on antibiotics, which aren't great for her stomach. More importantly, the doctor gave her a super thorough physical exam. Pushing on her stomach, making her bend and stretch and jump and lean. She even ran her urine (which Embry had to pee in a cup and proceeded to say-this is SO exciting! I want to do this every time!!!!) and everything came back fine. She thinks anything serious, she would be crying, not eating, would have been in pain during her exam, etc. But if it continues post antibiotic this time, we may try OTC Prilosec for potential heartburn/reflux stuff (as per the doctors suggestion). To be continued....

I think she looks like her mama here =)

Our "iced coffee"- real iced coffee for me and a pediasure for Embry

Blueberry Picking at Blase Family Farms

During the week I had two different people post about blueberry picking at Blase Family Farm in Rockwall (which is about 20 min away from our house). We didn't have any plans Friday, so we took people's advice and got there early...which meant we went right in the middle of Toddy's morning nap...but man he's a trooper! Please excuse the 50 pictures of our trip there, hehehe!

Ending our trip with homemade blueberry popscicles!

Fourth of July Weekend

 We had a super fun, relaxing 3 day holiday weekend! It's the first time we've celebrated the Fourth of July in Dallas in 7 years! We had a cookout with our neighbors Saturday which is always so much nice at this stage when Toddy goes to bed around 6, to have people at our house! 

Today, on the actual Fourth of July, we woke up to a huge thunder storm so we ended up changing our plans to go to the Lake Highlands parade and carnival and Embry and I went to see Finding Dory and left the boys behind. We actually left 45 min early for the movie and stopped at a tiny little neighborhood parade and she got to catch a few pieces of candy which was perfect. She did great at the movie and we both loved it. There was a lot of loud questions and comments from her which was funny, but we both had a great time.

First perler bead project!

2014, 2015, 2016- might be time to pass on to Lucy next year!

Bunny boy

Living the good life

The grill master!

Dessert is served


Second dessert

I knew Embry would be nervous when she realized what a sparkler was...

It took her awhile to warm up to them but then she loved it!

One of my favorite pictures! The epitome of the Fourth of July!

When the dads have a few drinks....

Finished her perler bead flower!

I hadn't gotten E's hair trimmed since Todd was about 4 weeks old. It was time. I had them cut it as little as possible to get the dead ends off

Daddy daughter hair cuts


Cheesiest boy

Cutest boy!!!


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