Friday, March 18, 2016

Todd: Six Months Old

Six Month Stats

Weight: I'm guessing around 18 pounds- I'll update Tuesday after his well check!
Height:  I'll update Tuesday after his well check!
Diapers: Size 3 
Clothes: Some 6 month stuff, 9 month stuff, 6-12 month stuff, 9 month PJs
Eating: Mister tried purees for the first time around 5.5 months old and isn't the biggest fan. The things he's liked most so far is sweet potatoes (which was one of E's all time faves), but I just keep offering once a day (or every few days) and I'm sure he'll get more interested soon. He also seemed to tolerate carrots okay, but still not super excited about food. He still nurses about 6 times in a 24 hour period. Usually 5 times during the day and once around 5:00am in the "middle of the night" and sleeps for a few more hours.
Sleeping: Dare I jinx him and say that he seems to have the hang of night time sleep? Now that he can finally roll back to tummy, he's sleeping 10-11 hour stretches. Sometimes still waking up for his paci in there. But he's consistently sleeping 7:00pm and not eating until 5:30 am, then sleeping for another 1-3 hours! It's been glorious! Also, moving down to two naps most days. On days we're at home he'll do two 2+ hour naps, but being the second child sometimes has to grab a short nap on the go.
Teeth: No teeth yet, but seems to be teething! Although I said that for Embry for months and months! hah!

New Things!

*Spent his first two nights away from Mommy! Did great for Daddy and taking bottles for almost 48 hours!
*Tried food and not impressed or interested in it...
*LOVES the Johnny Jump Up and this old school Lion King excersaucer thingy I bought for $5 
*Finally rolls back to tummy and has the hang of doing it in his crib! He rolled back to tummy February 20 in Austin on Papa's birthday =)
*Still loves baths and when I lay him down on the bath mat and start the water he starts FLIPPING out! He LOVES it!!
*Rolls and scoots all around the house. He can get 10 feet in a matter of a few minutes by rolling and scooting around.
*Despite the pediatrician saying he's sure he'll be an early sitter because he seems so strong, he's still not sitting on his own. I think the chub makes it harder! Hah!
*Really has a sweet demeanor! I feel like he's the typical second child and is content to move from the bouncer to the floor to the Johnny Jump Up as Embry and I move around the house and he just chills. Really only cries when he gets overtired. (Or in the middle of the night for his paci....hah) 
*Goes to child care at MOPS, church, etc. Does great wherever he's left and whoever he's left with. Easy going guy.
*Pretty much has the fattest legs I've ever seen on a baby. His calves are SO SO chunky and I love it. Haha. 


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