Sunday, March 20, 2016

The House of Higgins: March 20

Toddy's Six Month Update

Todd turned six months earlier this week and I posted his update here. Tuesday we go to his six month well check at the pediatrician!

Garden Update

Last Sunday Jacob and Embry planted the 11 things Jacob decided to (attempt to) grow this year. I was out running errands while they did the planting so I didn't get any great pictures of them, but Jacob's iPhone pics will suffice.

Ruthie, Ford, and Lucy Visit

Ruthie, Ford, and Lucy visited Monday-Wednesday and we had a great time. Embry and Ford especially had a blast together! They're at such a good age where they play and play and play together and rarely fight anymore. We went to our weekly Tuesday trip to the Arboretum and E and F got their faces painted and had fun running around during the Kindermusik class! Wednesday I sent Embry to school and we hit up the Perot museum before the Harts got on the road. It's days like these that I wish we lived by them and the babies could grow up hanging out more!

Backyard Love

St. Patrick's Day Play Date

St. Paddy's day ended up being cold and windy, but we still met our friends at one of our favorite parks to play and eat green cookies ;)

2014, 2015, 2016 (I promise she had shorts on under there this year!)

She told me "Now I look like a real Mommy"

Parents Night Out

Friday we took advantage of Parents Night Out at a church and dropped the kids from 6-9 and went out with other couples to a local brewery! The kids did great (despite Todd being awake still when we picked them up at 9...and then having a restless night) and we had a blast.

Passed out at home

Mimi and Papa Visit

My parents came for a quick visit Saturday-Sunday and the kids, especially Embry loved it. We had plans to go to the zoo, but it was pretty cold and we've learned that the animals don't come out much if it's under 50 degrees. E loved doing crafts, playing in her "fort" and telling stories with Mimi and Papa.

Opening her Easter basket from Mimi and Papa

Trying Peeps!


Pi Day = Pie Day =)

T at childcare during MOPS =)


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