Sunday, March 27, 2016

The House of Higgins: March 27

Toddy's Six Month Well Check

Toddy had a great six month well check and we're happy to have our pediatrician back since her maternity leave is over. Todd was way overdue for his morning nap, but gave her non-stop grins and babbles to show off. I told her I was concerned that he wasn't sitting up on his own yet and she had me lay him on the table and she goes- "see, babies who love being on their tummies sit up later" and then he got up on all fours and started rocking like he was trying to crawl! Little show off!!! She also wasn't concerned at all about him having no interest in purees and said he may just like table food and that'd be just fine (and he may be less picky). He still gags on any sort of table food, so I'm just going to keep trying purees every few days and introduce some table foods here and there too. 

His official stats are: 
Weight: 18 pounds 9.4 oz (60%)
Height: 26.25 inches (50%)
HC: 46 cm (95%)

Those legs!!!


Two Arboretum Trips =)

We went on our normal "Tiny Tot Tuesday" trip to the Arboretum and then on Good Friday they had their normal Monday and Tuesday activities available, plus a concert on the hill by kids singer Eddie Coker. It was packed, but so fun! So this week Embry got her face painted twice and got the chickie....twice. Toddy was quite the trooper...Tuesday when we went it was right after his well check and his shots and a short nap. He also snoozed a bit on Friday...which is getting more difficult since he really does only want to sleep on his tummy. 

Although I really love fall and all of the pumpkins at the Arboretum...but the Dallas Blooms and the thousands and thousands of tulips are truly amazing and my very favorite time of year there! 

Todder after his well check and shots!

Good Friday!

Exhausted after a few hours of running around with her friends.

Garden Update

We're loving watching our garden "come to life" as Embry has coined! And I am in love with the evening light in our backyard, so a few evenings a week, if I can get the kids bathed and outside before Todd wants to go to bed (which is getting to be 6:30ish these days) then we head outside to play for a bit and wait for Daddy.

She told us she wanted to sit and "watch my garden grow".

Toddy Food Update

T still really isn't into food despite all the smiles in these pictures. He just really doesn't like food much....still trying every few days.

Embry and Toddy- Why are my kids so messy!?!?

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

On Good Friday a we went to a neighborhood potluck and egg hunt with some other young families in our little neighborhood! Embry and Eliot had a blast!

I called the kids all over for a group shot...and my little model was the only one to show up...haha

Easter Morning

Saturday Embry was running a fever off and on, so we decided to forgo church and Easter day activities and stay at home to rest. So far she's fever free so hopefully that continues.


Big cart boy!
E and T sitting in the big cart for the first time

Embry and neighbor, Zoe, having a tea party

Rolling machine

Ready for swim lessons

Doing her 15 min of warm up exercising... where she randomly broke down crying...nervous to get in the pool

E and T's passport pics

E writing her pen pals. She loves getting letters in the mail and always writes back =)


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