Monday, March 7, 2016

The House of Higgins: March 7

Todd's First Bite

Sunday after getting back from Austin we decided to finally give Todd his first bite of oatmeal. He didn't dislike it...but didn't love it. And ever since he's not been interested in solids at all. I'm offering a variety of purees each evening, but not stressing that he doesn't seem interested in the least.

Embry's Speech Evaluation

We finally had Embry's speech evaluation through DISD and it went really well, although the long process continues.... 

The woman performing the evaluation let me know that she wouldn't be able to tell me the score or if Embry will qualify...well unless it was incredibly clear one way or another. And during the 90 minute evaluation she told me over and over "I'm not saying this...but she's gonna qualify". So we're excited! But we still have to way another 45 days for the scheduling and such. Ugh! But she was very impressed with Embry's language and kept telling me how smart she was and it was clear her issues are articulation only. So that's good! 

Headed to the "big school".


Luckily the eval was done at our neighborhood elementary school and it was election day so we got to vote while up there!

Dallas Arboretum: Dallas Blooms

We are so, so, sooooo excited that Dallas Blooms in at the Dallas Arboretum! One of my very favorite times of year...the tulips! Also, the "Mommy and Me Mondays" and "Toddler Tuesdays" are back! Free face painting, kindermusik class, petting zoo, etc! We had so much fun and look forward to going every Tuesday this spring!

Mama's Weekend Away!

I can't believe I did it! I was gone for almost a full 48 hours this past weekend. I left the kiddos with Jacob and went on a girls weekend for one of my besties, Annie's, birthday! I never could leave Embry the first year because of the bottle situation, but didn't ever leave her overnight until right before she was 2. When I initially was invited about a month ago I turned down the invite until Jacob really encouraged me to go! I am SO glad I did! It was the perfect relaxing and refreshing girls trip and Jacob held down the fort beautifully! Todd even had his best night ever one of the nights with Daddy....of course (eye roll-haha)!! I feel so lucky all around to have friends that I so loved getting away with and also to have a husband who 1. encourages me to take time to myself and 2. happily handles the kids with ease!

Didn't leave any notes for Embry, but the whole breast milk factor was new to the both of us! T took all of his bottles like a champ! And drank way more than we expected! Hah Luckily I had plenty of milk left!

Of course hours before I left, Todd's eye was super goopy. Yay for breast milk being a cure all!

The pool at the house we stayed at!

The Brazos river!

Me and Annie the birthday girl

Dinner in downtown Granbury!

Picture I got from Jake of him and T...and a beer! hah

Movie night with E and Lovey!

The evening I got home, our neighbor Zoe was over for a few hours to play with Embry.


E and her new backpack at school

Love how he holds my hand while he eats his bottle

E and our neighbor, Zoe, bathing her dolls

Loving her new Yumbox lunch box


Mini Manicure before MOPS

Cutest boy!

Sleeping through the MOPS meeting. (I didn't send him to childcare since I was leaving for the whole weekend that afternoon)

Napping in her new sleeping bag that cousin Nicole sent!


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