Monday, February 29, 2016

The House of Higgins: February 29

Whew! It's been a crazy two weeks. We had a busy week in Dallas with another case of croup for Toddy boy, followed by a ten day trip to Austin to see two different groups of family I had flying in from out of town...then while in Austin we got the devastating news that Jacob's grandpa in Oklahoma, Grandpa Cockayne, passed away, so I flew with Todd for two days to Oklahoma in the midst of our Austin trip. 

Also, if you missed it, Toddy is five months old now! I did manage to post his update here!  

Week in Dallas

Our week in Dallas before we headed to Austin was a busy one. E had her last gymastics class, and although she loves it, we're starting swim lessons next week instead of another session of gymnastics. Tuesday night I heard Todd cough in the monitor and knew immediately he had croup. Luckily Embry had school Wednesday and the pediatrician got us right in. Sure enough, it was croup and an ear infection. A three dose steroid and antibiotic did the trick and he didn't ever do the croupy cough again and started feeling better within a few days. Great Grandma Gordon and Great Aunt Mary Jo came for a visit for a few hours and Embry had a blast showing off for them!

E playing with her fairy door!

Embry and Coach Peter

Babies at 5 months old!

I asked E to "babysit" Todd while I showered in his room...I came out to him being tucked into this blanket and her reading to him.

E practicing her letters and numbers.

Saddest boy on the way to the doctor when he had croup

Embry, GGG and Mary Jo playing play-doh

Toddy boy at MOPS


Friday through Thursday, the kids and I spent time with Great Gram and Great Papa who were on the tail end of their stay in Austin! We finally celebrated Christmas with them and also got to be in Austin for my dad's birthday! It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad the kids got extra time with their great grands.

Embry's "special bed" aka the blow up mattress

Round Rock donuts for Papa's birthday!

Lucy's 5 months older than Toddy and they're about the same size!

Great Gram and Great Papa and 4 of their 5 great grands

My kiddos in grey and white stripes

Such a dude, relaxing watching basketball

Franklin's BBQ

Papa Todd and baby Todd

Happy Birthday Papa!

Great Gram playing doctor

Embry, Toddy, and Lux!

Rolling fool!

My two babies looking alike!

E helping Mimi cook

Trip To Oklahoma

Like I said above, we got really sad news on Sunday while I was in Austin that Grandpa Cockayne passed away. Jacob was especially close to him and we both will miss him dearly. I ended up flying to Oklahoma Thursday morning through late Friday night to attend the visitation and funeral with Jacob and his family. I took Todd with me and left Embry back in Austin where she had a sleepover with "Ford". It's been a really tough week, but we're glad we have so many good memories with the beloved "G-Pa".

GPa meeting Embry

Four generations

Todd's first flight

T at the hotel

T seeing Daddy!

T snoozing at the visitation

Embry on the Left and T on the right

Flying home!

Embry having fun at the Harts house while I was gone!

Mimi's braid on E!

Cousins matching =)

Back to Austin

Toddy and I got back to Austin in time to still spend a day with more out of town family who came in from Chicago! My aunt Jamie, uncle Jim, cousin Lindsay and her fiance Adam were all in town for the weekend from Chicago! It was so fun and just makes me wish we lived closer!

Cheering at James' lacrosse tourney!

T and Great Aunt Jamie!

Toddy and Lindsay!

Group shot, minus the four sleeping kids!

Uncle Jim and Aunt Jamie!!


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