Sunday, April 3, 2016

The House of Higgins: April 3

Dallas Arboretum

Another Tuesday, another trip to our beloved spot in Dallas =) Shockingly Embry didn't get the chickie face paint. Mommy *may* have swayed her into getting a butterfly to match her pretty flower shirt....hahah. Glad she branched out.

Matilda Jane Photo Shoot

One of my good friends is a trunk keeper for Matilda Jane clothing and this week was the release of their new line. The release of these clothes is always a big deal and she had a photographer (Mel Conner Photography.) do a photo shoot of a bunch of girls (and two moms) and she asked Embry to be the size 4 model =)  It was so much fun, I left Toddy with a neighbor until Jacob got home, and E and I had a girly evening. She was in PURE HEAVEN running around and playing with all the big girls. Ruthie has always said, "Embry would make the perfect little sister" and it's true. She loves "big girls". Anyway, even though the lighting was crummy, the pictures turned out so cute! And they ended up going viral. Ruthie got a text from an out of state friend who saw a picture of Embry on a Matilda Jane site! Pretty cool!

Neighborhood Buddies

E's two besties on the street- Eliot (5 yrs old) and Zoe (9 yrs old).

The three musketeers

Silly faces

Coffee Park

Coffee Park is one of our faves since it has that nice flooring around the park, not wood chips or pea gravel. This week I told Embry we were going to meet some friends at Coffee Park she asked if there was coffee there and when I told her no, she asked if she could pretend it was a coffee shop. Hah. As usual, she had a blast with her buddy William.

Three and a Half

It's true. E is now closer to FOUR than three.... I can't believe it! It kind of makes me sad. But I'm just loving this age!!! (Although it definitely has brought some of the toughest behavior, it's so much fun) Anyway, she was SO into her "half birthday"! The first thing she said on April 2 when she woke up was "is it still my half birthday?????"

On her four "half birthdays"

Saturday Evening

Our neighbors dropped over to play as E was waking up from her afternoon nap and we ended up staying outside hanging until well past sunset. We even ordered pizza from the patio and had the delivery man come around back to deliver. It was the perfect evening and I look forward to many more this spring and summer. E and E are almost fully past the fighting and annoying each other phase and have so much fun together!

We wore Toddy out! He made it til 6:20 pm...and then slept straight through til 7am! Yay!

It was well past bedtime when we came inside, so I didn't even argue with the request to sleep in her dress ups!


This girl loves her stuffed animals...ugh. hah

We finally got cards at the library at her school =) She loved "testing out the books" before we checked them out.

FINALLY it seems like T has decided to like baby food.

Jacob started playing softball and E went to his game with him Monday night.

Embry and Caroline cheering on their daddies

T watching Jimmy Fallon

Toddy has started this rolling to his side and staying there thing...I like to call it his model pose ;)

Before school trip to the donut shop. Little teachers pet was SO excited to run down the hallway and take her teachers donuts!

And eat one herself...haha

Under Armor Model ;)

Going from winter to fall clothes- my little helper

Swim lessons- pre pool workout =)

He's been sleeping in the strangest positions

My picky, picky eater chowing on raw zoodles...

New garden decor/labels

Matching puppy pjs from Kiki and E-Pa

Story time at her school's library

I helped host a shower for Lindsey and Baby Madden =)


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