Friday, December 18, 2015

Todd: Three Months Old

Three Month Stats
Weight: 15 pounds! Chunky man!
Height: 23 inches
Diapers: Size 2 diapers during the day, already started him in nighttime diapers so I don't have to change him in the middle of the night and they start at size 3
Clothes: 6 Month clothes mainly! 3-6 months, and anything Ralph Lauren he can wear 9 months! Wearing 6 Month PJs
Eating: Nurses every 2-4 hours during the day. Still not on any sort of eating schedule. I pretty much feed him when he shows hunger signs
Sleeping: Ugh, we've taken a step back in nighttime sleeping since he got croup over Thanksgiving. He had been doing one nighttime wake up in a 12 hour span consistently for about 10 days, then he got sick. He's been getting up twice to eat ever since (and a few random nights of THREE times). Oye! Mama is tired!!! Luckily he eats and goes back to sleep within 10 minutes tops...but still it's exhausting! He naps wonderfully though!! During the day he's awake for 45-90 minutes between naps. I usually get one or two 2+ hour naps and a few hour long naps out of him. Definitely prefers napping in his crib rather than on the

New Things!
*Turning into quite the smiley boy! Reminds me of his smiley sister!
*Refusing the bottle....WAHHHHH!!!! I still try daily and usually he ends up screaming his head off. =(
*First trip to Austin. Did great in the car both there and back
*First ER visit on "Thanksgiving Eve". Diagnosed with croup and got an oral steroid that helped immensely.
*Loves his bouncer. He gets kicking like crazy and bouncing himself. He's usually pretty happy in there for awhile watching life go on around him! Hah!
*Although he loves his bouncer, he still doesn't love to just lay on the floor. He definitely prefers to be held and to be moving....
*Still taking a probiotic everyday (I use Mommy's Bliss Probiotic drops)
*Spits up some... maybe once a day he'll spit up a little after a feeding. Luckily no projectile spit up in the past few weeks!
*LOVES bath time! The Angel Care Bath Seat is awesome! He is so chill in the tub and just grins at his sister. 
*Sucks on his hands (and any blanket or lovey you give him)
*Already starting to drool


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