Sunday, December 6, 2015

The House of Higgins: December 6

The Trains at Northpark

A Christmas tradition we started last year was going to The Trains at Northpark exhibit that's up the month of December. We made a day of it with a bunch of friends and spent the whole morning at Northpark seeing all the Christmas stuff and Embry loved the trains. Todd snoozed in the Boba carrier the whole time seeing the trains. It's fun to think that he'll be running around next year =)

William, Embry, and Caroline watching the turtles and ducks

Embry and William this year

Embry and William last year!

William, Sophie, Caroline and E =) The four musketeers

Todd snoozing away

The Rest of Our Week


Nursing session in the parking lot at Embry's school

T LOVES the lights on the tree. I've been laying him in front of them and it keeps him occupied for awhile. (We have blinking lights)

Breaking out the holiday clothes =)

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

E Loves her sparkly pink tree in her room

My happy cuties in the morning

Reading to Toddy boy

My navy and white obsession is showing (his clothes are navy and white- hard to tell)

Embry's obsessed with giving Todd his brown lovey bear

Toddy sporting his new 6 month PJs from Gramma and Grampa Great!

LOVE seeing Christmas through her eyes!

E drew this for Jacob this week. We were quite impressed, especially the little bow lol

Testing out her paci ornament. hah

Ready for the Home Depot Kids Workshop with Daddy!

E got carsick and puked on their drive home and she PLAYED it up when she got home. "I need a bed on the couch. And tissues. Because I'm sick." Hahah....She was totally fine the rest of the day.....



The Trains at Northpark


The Trains at Northpark


The Trains at Northpark


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