Sunday, December 20, 2015

The House of Higgins: December 20

Toddy's three month update was posted on the 18th! Click here if you missed it =)

Christmas Treats

Treats for E's classmates!

My annual baking day, luckily E's in school this year, made it a bit easier! hah!

Four batches of Crispix Mix

25 bags ready for delivery to neighbors, friends, and Jacob's co-workers

My delivery girl loved putting each bag and Christmas card on people's front porches!

And little baby bear had fun too!

Embry Faints....Yet Again.... it happened again. Tuesday evening Embry was helping me change Todd's diaper standing on her pink stool she keeps right by his changing table. She bumped her knee and I totally brushed it off when she said it hurt and started whimpering. All the sudden she fell to the left (I was standing on her right) and melted, face first into the wall/bed. It was HORRIBLE. I picked her up and she was still limp and I was just telling her it was okay and rocking her. It probably lasted all of ten seconds, but it was so scary. She came to and I just held her on the bed and she was a bit confused and just whimpering. Luckily Todd can't roll yet and somehow he was diaperless on his changing table for probably 8 minutes as I was trying to pull myself together and just holding Embry and he didn't pee or poop...hah. That night in the bath I saw and remembered she had a pretty good cut on her knee from school the day before (where she DIDN'T faint) and she must have bumped that and it must have hurt more than I thought. So now I guess we're back to the theory that it's seeing blood OR feeling pain that makes her faint. Oye!

Christmas PJ Play Date

Friday we had one last get together with some of our friends before everyone left town for Christmas.

Seven of the eight little kids!

The "Fab Four" pretending to sleep in Caroline's bed! Hah

Toddy enjoying Samantha's crib

The five big kids

Cone Christmas Dinner

We love our annual tradition of going to our neighbors for the Cone Christmas Dinner. They invite neighbors for a traditional Christmas dinner, all made by Patrick! It seriously is one of our favorite nights! This year we brought our kids along, hoping the big kids would stay put in the back of the house watching a movie....not so much...hah. Next year we'll be leaving the kids behind again!

Trying to get the kids to watch Frozen

The spread!


How Embry went to the Arboretum with Daddy.... Tutu and giraffe mask and all.

Been hard at work on our "family yearbook" and can't believe it's been three months since T was born!

How E wanted to go to school....thanks Dallas Zoo for the creepy mask! Hah!

Right before I had to wake up T from a 2 hour nap to go pick up E at school....hate that!

Play mat lovin!

On a walk with E's neighborhood friend

Tried T in the big part of the stroller and he loved it!

Straining his neck to see the TV hah

The Dallas Arboretum reposted one of my pictures of Embry this week =)

T loving one of our neighbor girls who was locked out after she got out of school early

Sweet babies!

Ready for her last day of school for 2015!

She was SO pumped about her pizza party at school!

CHUNKY legs! I want to eat them!!! LOL

E watched me wrap a gift and I said it was for Tomi. She disappeared into her play room and came back with an envelope for Tomi. Smart girl!

So far he loves to suck on his lovey....hah

Such a good imagination. She was showing me her "picture" that came out of her play camera

She was planning Todd's birthday party...making a cake out of play doh, writing a list, and needed my stack of breast pads for some reason....hahah

Two holidays mixed together ;)

LOVES the bouncy chair!

New (to us) table and chairs for the play room

Our old one got moved to her play house and she LOVES it!

Saturday trip to the zoo with Daddy while Mommy packed for Austin!


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