Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Todd: Two Months Old

Two Month Stats
Weight: 13 pounds 5 ounces (Chunky monkey sister Embry was only 12.6 at 2 months old, heehee)
Height: 22.75 inches
Diapers: Size 1, but definitely moving up to size 2 after this package is done. Already have him in size 2 overnight since I don't change him anymore.
Clothes: Mainly 3 month clothes! Certainly starting to chunk up!
Eating: Nurses every three hours during the day, sometimes more, sometimes less. 
Sleeping: He's doing pretty well sleeping. I will say he's a rockstar during the day. He's pretty much awake for 45-75 minutes, then goes down for a nap, typically 1.5-2 hours long. I usually will get a 2.5 hour nap at some point too. Nights he's up 1-2 times, depending on what time he goes down. The past two nights he's gone to bed at 8, woken up to eat at 2:30 and woken up at 7! I can definitely handle that!

New Things!
*Weeks 3-6 were a little rough. He seemed uncomfortable, gassy, and just a bit fussy. He still slept in really good chunks so it wasn't like he was colic, up screaming for hours, but when awake he just seemed uncomfortable. I even took him to the doctor thinking he had reflux, but after doing a ton of reading 6 weeks is the peak of fussiness and their bodies getting settled. I also started him on a probiotic that I think has really helped! He's SO much happier and content these past few weeks.
*Lovesssss mornings! Is so happy, smiley, and talkative in the mornings.
*Definitely social smiles! Especially at his mama ;)
*Starting to coo and mainly squeal. He seems to want to "talk" a lot! For the first time when I laid him under the play mat last weekend he just was squealing away at it. Jacob and I were having Embry flashbacks!
*A full time tummy sleeper!!
*Downside to being a tummy sleeper....he doesn't sleep as well in his carseat anymore. He will definitely fall asleep, but doesn't snooze for as long and seems a little restless while asleep in the car seat.
*Nicknames- Toddy Boy, Todd Todd, Baby Todd, Todder Todder
*I think he may be trying to find his thumb. He constantly is sucking on his fist.
*Loves his changing table. He's super content to lay on his changing table and stare (and smile at) his wall. Hah!
*Very tolerant of his big sister who is in his face singing or talking ALL.THE.TIME!
*Still looks identical to his daddy! People often tell me he looks a lot like Embry, but I don't really have the "this looks just like baby Embry"'s more "this looks exactly like Jacob" feeling. Haha.


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