Sunday, November 15, 2015

The House of Higgins: November 15

The Dallas Zoo

I hadn't taken the kids to the Dallas Zoo since before Toddy was born. Tuesday was a gorgeous day and my friend Annie and I decided to take our kiddos. Of course, they had a blast and were worn out after walking (running) the entire zoo!

She loves her maps! Always!

Such a good, content boy the whole time!

So hard to be a gorilla at the zoo..... Hahah

Checking out the giraffes

The giraffe feeding area

The cheetahs always look so creepy and like they want to eat all the little kids!

Petting zoo

Feeding the fish.

No trip to the zoo is complete without a carousel ride on our way out!

Having no fun at all.... ;)

Mimi, Papa, and James Visit

This weekend my parents and James were in Dallas...well Frisco...for James' lacrosse tournament. They arrived Friday afternoon to two very happy kiddos! Saturday morning we loaded up and spent the entire day in Frisco for James' games. The kids did great and Embry rallied with no nap. She literally ran around the entire time with Papa, Daddy, and some friends she made. Although about 5:00 near the end of the last game we stayed for, she fell on the concrete and scraped up her forehead, she was cuddling with me and asked me "can I have my paci and just a little nap". Haha, sweet girl! Needless to say we fed her dinner on the way home to keep her awake and she was out by 7:15 at home.

Looks like another Mimi loving baby

Smooches for Uncle James

Papa Todd and Baby Todd

James Todd and Todd Lucas

Saturday morning =)

Practicing lacrosse with James at the hotel

Going out to lunch

Adoring her Uncle Bug


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Dapper little man

Showing off her swing top from Mimi and Papa

All day everyday!

She's still obsessed with her Halloween teeth.

And her winter coat. She wore it to nap in one day.

Before I brushed his hair after bath....hahah

Eating cereal in her winter coat.

Poor Toddy, always getting smooches

She loves the My Little Pony information sheet..... I've read the names of all 24 ponies way too many times.


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