Sunday, November 1, 2015

The House of Higgins: November 1

Random Updates

*Our Toddy boy has been a bit fussy the past few weeks, I know I've said it before but he's been super gassy and just seems uncomfortable. I've been doing a ton of research on "gassy babies" and it sounds like the peek is at 6 weeks old. I also started Todd on a probiotic once a day last week and he gets gripe water every so often when he seems super uncomfortable. When talking with my sister it seems like her babies went through a "fussy" or clingy period around this age too...we joked that Embry ruined me since she was the lowest maintenance newborn ever. I can already tell Todd is coming out of the fussy phase, his tummy issues seem to be resolving themselves and he seems more content when awake. He's always been quite the smiler and seems happier these days. I also started letting him sleep on his tummy and he likes it a lot. Although last night he wouldn't settle at one point so I pulled the swaddle back out and he went to bed. But as I type he's currently on his second two hour nap on his tummy in his crib of the day today, so who knows what he'll end up preferring!

*Embry's Speech Therapy Update- A few months ago when we had her evaluated we decided to not spend $750 a month on speech (UGHHH) and wait until she was 3 to see if she qualified for free speech therapy through the school district. I started the process about two weeks ago and we're in the waiting period. I had to answer about 50 questions about her and then submit some paperwork, including a passed hearing and vision test that we had done. So now we're waiting on a case worker to be assigned to us, and then they have 45 days to make contact with us. So it's a longer process, but hoping to hear something soon. 

*I am DONE with blood thinners until my next pregnancy ;) I had my six week checkup and both my OBGYN and Hematologist had agreed that me being on blood thinners was necessary through 6 weeks postpartum! So I did the math and since finding out I was pregnant with Todd in January, I did 297 injections of Lovenox and Heparin! (Not to mention all of my gestational diabetes pricks- 4 times a day). 

Costume Photo Shoot

I saw a great article about tips for taking your kids pictures on Halloween and one tip was to do a dress rehearsal and take "posed" pictures then to take the pressure off getting cute pictures on the day of. I decided to do this on Thursday since our forecast was calling for rain on Halloween. 

Halloween Night

Kiki and E-Pa decided to come to visit for Halloween and it was so much fun! We got invited to a friends block party in a neighborhood where every house has kids. It was so much fun having an area to go where Embry could run from house to house trick-or-treating. (Our street the houses are few and far between that participate, boo!) To say she had fun is an understatement. It's probably one of the most happy and excited I've seen her! We got home a little after 8pm and met up with our neighbor, Eliot, and he and Embry did the few houses on our block with their lights on.

Family pic on Halloween night

Embry and Eliot


Smiling at the ceiling fan

Dr. Remedios, Todd and me at my 6 week check up!

Embry still snoozing at school when I picked her up Monday

Passed out!

Oh what Todd must be thinking....

Visiting Daddy's work

Getting her second trim!

Checking out her braid and glitter heart they did

Out to lunch with Daddy

Todd and my 297 Lovenox and Heparin sharps (shots)

Pajama day at school

Embry on her first three Halloweens

Embry at IHOP with friends for their free Scary Face Pancakes

How E helps Mommy bake

E loves having E-Pa and Kiki in town!













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