Sunday, November 8, 2015

The House of Higgins: November 8

Our Week in Photos

Our tummy sleeper has been sleeping awesome in his crib!

When I laid T down for a nap, I came out of his room to find Embry using a timer to brush her teeth. Hah

Park with friends! E didn't have any cupcakes.........right? Hah

Happy boy! He's been so smiley this week.

Be still my heart!

I can't help myself with sleeping baby pictures

Embry was still snoozing when I picked her up Wednesday from school.

Outside of her school, loading up in the car...she so badly wanted to go back to sleep.

We had a birthday play date for our friend Wesley one afternoon

My neighbor, Lauren, Takes Embry for an afternoon each week and does a craft! This is everything she's thankful for. LOL Girl, I'm thankful for pink too!

Not sure he could look anymore like Jacob if he tried!

Thanksgiving girlie ready for MOPS! She LOVES school and MOPS so much (they're at the same church) that she got in trouble Friday. We got to the parking lot and she sprinted across to the door and ran inside to head into her classroom while I was still unloading Todd. I had to get onto her big time, but am SO happy she loves school so much.

Wearing E's Christmas jammies from when she was a baby.

Quite the musician....

Daddy and Embry went to the Home Depot Kids Workshop and made a Veteran's Day plane!

She loves reading instruction

Ready to go take our family pictures for our Christmas Card! Little blondie boy!

When both babies need Mommy























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