Sunday, August 30, 2015

Everything Embry: August 30

35 Week Update

Well this week I saw all four of my doctors! Monday after school I picked up E and we went to my endocrinologist where they signed off of me for the rest of my pregnancy. I've been doing such good job (yeah, I've been working my butt off staying super, super strict on my diet) that I don't need to go back until 2 months postpartum for some blood work. The doctor said she expects the minute they take out my placenta, my gestational diabetes will be gone (just like it was for Embry), but they want to run A1 blood work on me. When they did the same blood test a few weeks ago (it measures your blood sugars over the past 3 months I believe) it was normal, so I hope it stays!

Thursday I took up a friend on keeping Embry for my morning of seeing my hematologist, OBGYN, and perinatologist. I dropped Embry off at 7:45 with a box of fresh donuts (uh pure torture driving 10 minutes with piping hot donuts sitting next to me in my car...UGH!) and I was off to my appointments! I am no longer on my once daily Lovenox shot and am on Heparin twice a day. The biggest deal of this is Lovenox comes in pre-loaded shot form so it's easy peasy. Heparin is the IV form of blood thinners and only stays in your system 12 hours versus 24, so when you do have to do the injections of it, it's more of an ordeal. Luckily the pharmacist at my hematologists office recommended filming her teaching me how to do it. I got 60 little viles of the medicine and we have to "draw up" the shot twice a day. It includes using one needle to get the medicine out, switching the syringe and another's a bit of a pain, but we're a few days in and already have it down! I will go back in 2 weeks for a quick blood test because blood thinners can lower your platelets (ironically the issue Ruthie has at the end of her pregnancies) and my hematologist wants to make sure mine stay in the normal range. 

The appointment with my OBGYN was super quick...everything checked out normal there! 

The perinatologist appointment went well...a quicker sonogram than last week as every other week they do a "size estimate" sonogram. But they did check my fluid levels which are still normal (yay, can you tell I'm super worried about this!!!!!! I bug them every time about it) and the doctor specifically said baby looks perfect and healthy! Minus the fact that he's no longer head down, but literally laying sideways across me. It's been a bit uncomfortable this week as his feet and butt are totally poking out from my belly button over to my right hip basically. There's a picture of my lopsided belly below I snapped as I stood up from the ultrasound table! 

I go back to see both my OBGYN and perinatologist this upcoming week. =)

Pictures I got from my girlfriend Annie who kept Embry! She had a BLAST!

Our Week

It's kinda crazy we'll have a new baby in less than three weeks! We stayed super busy this week with play dates with friends scheduled around my never ending appointments.

Girlie off to school!

Funny how her favorite toys change so often but she gets hooked! Currently, it's "Tiny Puppy" and he goes everywhere with us....and it squeaks/barks when you pull it......

Gorgeous park on White Rock Lake and the kids picked weeds the entire time and threw them in the garbage....haha

$1.00 short stack pancake day at IHOP! I can't wait to participate next year when I'm not counting carbs, hah!

The kiddos loved their pancakes!

Another park after nap time

Embry calls this "book club". She loves her little blue reading chair and listening to stories.

Blueberry muffins and bed head!

Crafting before 8am...

Another glorious morning at the Arboretum!

Friends at the Arboretum

She woke up from her nap one day determined to go to the library. Luckily it's not even 2 miles away and it's a nice cool, quiet spot to go in the afternoon where she entertains herself!

Checking on Miss E at night....I was scared at first before I saw her hands.

Jacob doing my Heparin shot for the first time! Hah!

Our MOPS starts in 2 weeks! Hooray! Friday we had a kick off play date with a sno-cone food truck! It was super fun and E had a blast and got filthy on the play ground...hah.


My Gram Fanning knits all great grandkids blankets and this week we received Toddy's adorable baby blue blanket! She was sweet enough to make Embry a doll sized version and of course E is obsessed!

This weekend we got down all of the big baby items from the attic and as Jacob said- It's like Christmas for Embry! Endless toys for her dolls! So fun!

Perfect Saturday night!

Sweetest girl!


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