Sunday, August 23, 2015

Everything Embry: August 23

Perinatologist Update

Tuesday I went in for my 34 week sonogram with the high risk OB, Dr. Rinehart. Everything was looking great! T's abdomen was measuring 34 weeks and his head was 36 weeks...hah! We just know our babies have big ole noggins! ;) Also, my fluid levels are still totally normal, thank goodness! I now am going weekly until the end of my pregnancy. Again, they gave me a few printed out sonogram pictures, but since baby is so big and head down, there weren't any worthy of posting. (Although Embry loves them even though you can't tell what is what-hah)

Ruthie, Ford, and Lucy Visit

Tuesday while Embry was napping, Ruthie, Ford, and Lucy arrived for a visit! E was SO pumped when she woke up to find them at our house. I definitely didn't tell her they were coming because I knew she'd be giddy and I wanted her to nap well.... ;) We had fun all hanging and playing at our house and then Wednesday going to a fun play place at a Dallas Rec Center then having a play date at one of our friends house! Thursday we hosted a Back to School cookie decorating party- pics below =)

Cousins being super silly and having a blast with each other
Dress ups and driving

Two girls nursing their babes

Stories with Daddy/Uncle Jacob

Britax commercial! Hah! Three Britax carseats in a row.

Back to School Cookie Party

I've had so much fun hosting a Christmas and Valentine's cookie decorating party, I was itching to find an excuse to do anther one. I made a ton of sugar cookies ("A", "B", "C" and a few cookies for each kid of their first initial!) and white butter cream frosting and everyone else brought the toppings. It was chaotic, but super fun and Embry took a solid 3+ hour nap afterwards, score!

Sweet J helping me decorate the night before

Ready for her friends to arrive!

Very into her cookie decorating

Arboretum Visits

After not going to the Arboretum all that much this summer, we went twice this week. Once on Sunday morning before it got too hot (and before Jacob had to work the majority of the day, boo!) and once on Friday with a bunch of friends when then weather was cool(ish) for two days! 

Our little explorer

Dallas Diaper Shower

Some of my good friends here in Dallas offered months ago to throw me a baby shower. Since I had a "sprinkle" in Austin, I totally needn't need to have anything, but they assured me they really wanted to "shower" me and Toddy boy, so we decided a diaper shower would be perfect! It was such a fun afternoon with a bunch of my Dallas friends and seriously, we won't be buying diapers for a LONG time! One of my best friends from Austin was also in town for another baby shower, so she was able to come and stay with us. We had a fun girls dinner out and stayed up past midnight catching up on my couch! =)

I'm bummed I remembered to take pictures with guests after a bunch had left!

The hostesses =)

Emily and Embry... 27 years apart and not much length! Hah!

Embry wanted nothing to do with Mommy or Daddy with Emily in the house. She adored having a new friend to play with!

Embry Fainting

Saturday night Emily and I got home from a girls dinner out and Embry was still awake, but getting ready for bed with Jacob. She came over to me and showed me her finger and said she needed a bandaid. I set her on my bathroom counter and it started to happen...she started to slide backwards and just went limp and I scooped her up as her eyes were basically rolling back. She was out for about 10 seconds and came to when I was running cold water over her hands, trying to calmly talk to her. SO INCREDIBLY SCARY! Jacob, again, didn't think it was a big deal since he remembers fainting "all the time" when he was a kid and saw blood or got hurt. Glad he can calm me down, but man oh man, it's scary and awful to see. She acted totally normal after, but kept saying how her finger hurt. 

When I checked on her Saturday night. Sweet baby girl!


Monday while Embry was at school I found out it was "love your feet" day...which obviously meant I needed to treat myself that day ;)

E was exhausted after school, so she happily decompressed in her room for a nice long time afterwards
The final touch done on T's room! A custom wood sign made by "Crafted In Texas" Etsy Shop!

Opening an early (yes 6 weeks early) birthday present from Mimi and Papa! We ended up planning a birthday party for Embry for September 12 and part of her present is a cute birthday girl outfit to wear, so we knew we needed the gift early! Hah! She's now set with birthday girl skirt, crown, and wand and four pair of high heels!

FaceTime with Mimi and Papa while she opens her gift

Hungry Hungry Hippos with Daddy and Justin


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