Sunday, August 16, 2015

Everything Embry: August 16

32-33 Week OB Checkup

I'm a little off on my appointments...I had an appointment with my regular OBGYN Wednesday when I was 32 w 5 d and I have an ultrasound with the high risk OBGYN this upcoming Tuesday morning. I have officially scheduled all the rest of my appointments with each doctor and after this I'm back to seeing them on the same day (or just one day apart). My appointment was late Wednesday afternoon (evening) and the office was closed by the time I finished up...I sat and chatted with my doctor and her nurse about all my appointments and we agreed it'd be SO SO hard to have a full time job while managing a high risk pregnancy...especially at the end. I honestly have 2-4 doctors appointments per week for the rest of my pregnancy.

Anyway, the appointment went well. Blood pressure is still fantastic (phew, basically the one thing I don't have issues with during my pregnancies), my fundal height measured "32 weeks, almost 33" which is exactly where I was hopefully that means still no excess fluid! I got my TDap shot  (whooping cough vaccine) and some routine 32 week blood work. I'm anxious to see Todd on sonogram on Tuesday and see where his growth is! =) I go back to my OBGYN August 27, the day I see my hematologist and switch over from Lovenox (once daily blood thinner) to Heparin (twice daily blood thinner). Then I'll be going "no more than a week" between each appointment with OB and high risk OB. Poor Embry thinks we basically live at Presbyterian Hospital, but man is she a doll at my appointments! Such a trooper!

Our Week

We didn't do anything crazy super fun this week...E had school, we went to story time with a bunch of friends (with no black eyes this week), we had a fun coffee and donut play date at a friends house, and honestly we ran a ton of errands and got a bunch marked off of our "prepare for baby check-list". Jacob and I also treated ourselves to joint birthday gifts by purchasing two new phones and iPads, so that's fun. We haven't given each other birthday gifts, or even anniversary or Christmas gifts, in probably 3 years since we've been struggling with so many medical expenses. So it's nice to treat ourselves for once =)

We're really looking forward to having Ruthie, Ford, and Lucy visit this upcoming week, hosting a "back to school" cookie decorating party, friends are throwing me a "diaper shower" here in Dallas this weekend and one of my besties from Austin is coming to stay with us Saturday night! We're now less than 5 weeks from becoming a family of four and we're trying to soak up every last relaxing minute before our lives get crazy again!

Toddy's room coming together!

Wall above the changing table/dresser! Found, printed and hung all the prints this week!

How Embry watches Toy hand on baby brother

So ready for school....30 min early! She sat to wait for me on our back steps.

So excited to run into school each week.

Playing with "moon sand" they made a school. It' been a huge hit at home!

I gave E an empty box while I was cooking dinner Monday and told her she could decorate decision ever! She has spent so much time decorating and playing in her "rocket ship"

Our two blondie girls!

Girlfriend hasn't worn jammies to bed in weeks! Her nightly request is "just undies"!

Highlight of Embry's week- our new iPads. She loves matching and letter games. 

Modeling her new sparkly shirt from Great Grandma Gordon!

One of our 100 degree afternoon activities!

I realized this week she can put on all of her shoes by herself! Makes my life so much easier!

Play date with a giant doll house- E was in heaven

So busy taking care of her babies.

Sometimes even princesses need to be carried by Daddy on a walk....

When Daddy is in charge of picking up Sonic Happy Hour and Mommy suggests a kids size slush for Embry....



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