Sunday, June 14, 2015

Everything Embry: June 14

Daddy/Daughter Day

Last Sunday Jacob had "Daddy/Daughter Day" with Embry...formerly known as Daughter's Day. Hah. I convinced him that my life is basically daughter's day for Embry, everyday, so that when he wanted a special day with E, it can just be Daddy/Daughter Day. He still got her some special treats, but they had a fun day at the zoo and E was worn out and took an almost 4 hour nap that afternoon! And...I survived the day alone ;) Binging on Mad Men!

New bubble machine from Daddy

One of E's gifts...a Sea Monkey kit....yeah they're already swimming's weird. lol

She loves reading "structions" for all things.

Monday night- Step 2!

Monday night- Step2- Adding the sea monkeys

Checking on her sea monkeys

Day 5- feeding the sea monkeys for the first time

Summertime and the Living is Easy...

I'm thankful everyday to be a stay at home mom, but man in the summer it's the best!!!

Yet another Daddy toy.... a water shooter that was the hit of the splash park

Always hovering over Baby Bonnie

"Big Truck Event" at our neighborhood library! Embry.......pretty much hated it. People were honking the huge dump trunk horns and she didn't like it at all.

So nervous driving the dump truck

She didn't want to stand tooooo close to the big trucks with her friends. Hah

Riding in a Bobcat

E was much happier when all her friends came to play at our house afterwards.

Going swimming at our neighbors house

We are blessed by the sweetest neighbors who insist we use their pool as often as we like! So we took them up on it for the first time of the summer Wednesday! And Embry had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!

"Me no need you Mommy" over and over and over

Running home
Play date #1 of Friday

Play date #2 of Friday- glad to have friends with a pool =)

Ladies who lunch- four moms and seven little girls

This little booty ;)

Big Girl Bed

We finally purchased a mattress for E's "Big Girl Bed" and put it together Saturday! We've been promising Embry she can finally sleep in her undies when she gets her big girl bed. BUT, we gave in last Sunday and started letting her do nap time and she's been dry everyday. Then Thursday night she put up enough of a fight to where we gave in and let her go all night! She's been dry every night since. 

As for the bed, it's gone SO great. Easy peasy and in fact, she begged to go down for nap and bed yesterday. The bed was finally put together around 10:30 am yesterday and she begged and begged to go down for nap then. When it was time for nap, she didn't even want a book read to her. For bed, we were out at the zoo (and came home soaking wet from rain) and after unloading the car we found her calling out- Time for night night! laying in her bed all wet! Hah!

First night in undies!!

Last nap in her crib

She loved when we moved her "reading nook" to a different corner while organizing her room. She sat and read to her babies for a long time.

Helping Daddy take the doors off to move the crib out.

Big girl bed!

First nap in her big girl bed!
First bed time reading in the big girl bed. Daddy made himself comfy.

Fast asleep!!

Me in 1988 at 22 months and Embry at 2.5- our first nights in our new big girl beds!

Dallas Zoo Safari Nights

We were so pumped to go to the Dallas Zoo Safari Night Summer Concert Series last night! Every Saturday they keep the zoo open past 5:00 pm and have all kinds of fun events. Food trucks, special shows, zoo keeper talks and then at 7:00 pm they have a concert. Well we went last night and when we got to the zoo the gorgeous blue skies opened up and it started POURING! It let up after a bit so we gave it a shot and after an hour of getting rained on it started pouring again, so we called it a day. Luckily EVERYTHING is free for zoo members (well minus the food and drinks) so we will definitely do it again soon!

Puddle jumping

When we gave in and left! Pouring and puddles, so fun!


My mom gave me a bulletin board for E's play room and I painted it with leftover grey paint from the walls! It's pretty much her favorite thing ever. She has loved picking out things to hang up herself.

Always coloring!

Her new nap mat for school came in!!! She lovesssss it! Just hope she actually naps Monday! hah!

My girl picked out a package of big girl headbands at the store....and she couldn't look cuter or older!!!! Waaaahhhh!!!

Double fisting carrots! hah

Tea party with Daddy the second he walked in the door from work

Family breakfast and tea party, of course

Morning coffee with a shot

E and E dinner on Friday night (Date night swap!)

Bedtime books

Eliot's lovey is his A&A blanket which he chews of course Embry has to do the same thing too

My day in the life post for Momquery on Instagram! My 8 photos to chronicle our Friday!


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