Sunday, June 21, 2015

Everything Embry: June 21

Embry's First Day of School

Embry's first day of school could not have gone any better! We made the big mistake of telling her Sunday evening and she begged about every other minute if it was time for school NOW? School NOW? School NOW? And it all started up Monday morning.

At drop-off we were thrilled to see both of her teachers were familiar faces, one who she had her first year at MOPS. She ran right into her room and started playing in the little kitchen. No time to even smooch Mommy goodbye.

I got so much done without my little sidekick and the five hours flew by! It was so nice to have a little break and know she was having fun.

When I picked her up her teachers said that she did great, never would have guessed it was her first day, she asked to go potty twice, fell asleep right when naptime started, and overall was a good girl. She looked exhausted when I picked her up, as the one downside is they only get 90 minutes to nap, and she still naps 2-3 hours (or more) at home. But on our walk to the parking lot she kept saying, "More school again now???"

Off on my day alone!!!! =) =) =)

Our Week

So, so sad that when we arrived at story time, someone was sitting on the "E" on the carpet...

She settled for the "M" for Mommy (that was really an upside down W)

And then she swiped the E. LOL

Tropical storm Bill brought our fair share of rain this week, yet again!

Wipeout on our walk
My little helper- she is obsessed with helping me cut veggies and fruit

We saw Rio 2 as part of Studio Movie Grills Kids Summer Series! $3 tickets for older movies! E and her friends did great. They started getting restless after about 1 hr 15 min, but I found a bag of suckers in my purse and they all settled back! Another plus, is it's an eatery, so eating lunch kept them quiet ;)

The three amigos!

Splash park cutie!

E and her "Bonnie Boo" as she calls her! LOL

E usually naps naked but she insisted on sleeping in her "night-night gown"

Little miss in her favorite dress, had to have a pink headband and a pink bow after nap

I started a summer book study with my MOPS group with childcare included so Embry goes back to "her school" for 90 min on Fridays now!  

Austin Trip- Graduation Party and Multiple Father's Days

We had a super fast trip to Austin to celebrate one of our good friend's med school graduation party! We stayed with Jacob's parents and got to have an early Father's Day celebration, then Saturday night we had the party. Mimi picked up Embry after she made a quick appearance and had her first Mimi sleepover! Jacob and I actually stayed out until midnight and got to sleep in! Sunday morning we celebrated Father's Day with my family and hit the road midday.

Hula- Hooping at Kiki and EPa's

She LOVED swimming with Kiki despite the freezing water!

As I was running out on an errand, she talked E-Pa into swimming with her in the rain.

Going to celebrate Dr. Dan!

The new doctor and his new-wife-to-be =)

Father's Day Brunch at the Fannings!

The Dads and babies, minus Lucy

Not happy about not being able to swim in the middle of a thunderstorm

Little Mama Embry to the rescue

While it was lightening and thundering, they had fun playing in buckets of water.

Uncle Jon!

Daddy and E

Mimi and Papa and their grands

The best dad around!
Jacob, Embry, and I stopped by to see Uncle James on the job for lunch on our way out of town!

Mushy Father's Day

I'm definitely one of the luckiest girls ever to have a dad like mine! We are excited to announce that we're naming our baby boy after him! We've decided to name him Todd Lucas Higgins. Todd- after my dad Todd and Lucas- after Jacob's twin brother Luke=) Jacob and I hope that our Toddy will be half the man that my dad is! He's truly the best!

Monogrammed hats for our boy!

And for my husband...He's the most hard working, selfless person I know and I truly believe it when I say, I'm not sure another dad adores his daughter as much as Jacob adores Embry. I love watching them together and can't wait to see him with our son in a few months!



Her all time favorite dress she requests to wear it daily.

She's loving showers these days, especially showers in the guest room.

Feeding baby brother through my belly button. Love toddler logic.

FaceTime with Lucy!

Daddy worked late some this week, which meant Mommy got to do bedtime for once!

Biggest girl!

Baby Boy Bump at 25 weeks

Me and some of my neighborhood friends at a going away dinner for Samantha =(

Embry is getting awfully good at signing her "E" =) She also has "T" for Tomi and Toddy down!


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