Sunday, May 17, 2015

Everything Embry: May 17

Dallas Zoo

We had ONE day with no rain this week so I knew I had to get out and take advantage. We had plans to meet a friend and her two daughters at the zoo at 9:30 Monday morning, but woke up Monday to a message that one of her girls woke up with a fever. E and I decided to still go and I'm SO glad we did. It was a perfect, sunny but cool morning. Embry asked from the SECOND we got there to go to the Dinosaurs, but I knew I had to do that near the end if I wanted to see any animals, hah! 

We always, always go to the gorillas first and have good luck seeing them eating their breakfast!

The chimps put on a good show for us, as usual.

A lioness on Pride Rock ;)

Riding the train was a huge hit, as usual 

Choo chooooo

In the Children's Zoo area, there's a great building that's like a mini museum. We stayed there for a good half hour, while E examined rocks, drew, organized toy dinosaurs, etc. 

In the center of the Children's Zoo is a little river that runs through a play ground. Guess I didn't realize kids swim in it in the summer- tons of kids were in their swim suits playing and of course Embry had to get in. Don't worry, she wasn't the only little girl in undies, so I guess I wasn't the only unprepared mom! Hah!

First carousel ride at the zoo! She wasn't so sure about it- hilarious video below. 


Mayborn Museum in Waco with Mimi, Ford, and Gramma Great

Last week when my grandma decided to fly to Austin to visit the Harts and new little Lucy Joy I felt bad we weren't going to be in Austin to see her. So I suggested to my mom that she, Gramma Great, and Ford meet me and Embry in Waco one day to either do the zoo or children's museum. It was a gross rainy day, so we went to the Mayborn Museum, which to be honest is my favorite children's museum I've been to. (And we've been to five). They had a blast together and it was so good to get a quick visit in with my Grandma. 

Chick-fil-A in Waco before we hit the road to come home

Day of Doctor's Appointments 

Thursday Embry and I spent a solid 4 hours at the Presbyterian Hospital campus. We first of all saw my Hematologist who I worked with during my hospital stay with Embry and post-partum. It was a little un-nerving when he told me to make sure that if I have the symptoms of a clot again to get to the ER immediately. I think he realized I was surprised by that and he told me it is possible to get a clot while on Lovenox... So yeah, that's scary! I will follow up with him in 8 weeks, then 6 weeks after that to prepare me to move to Heparin (where I'll be doing injections twice a day in case I go into labor). I also mentioned to him that we have a vacation to Colorado planned and I was nervous about flying and he gave me the go ahead. Yay! I had some blood work done, mainly to check my platelet levels because it turns out Lovenox can make your platelets dip down. Mine are 179 and 100-400 is normal, so yay! 

Embry and I raced over to the main campus of the hospital for my blood glucose test. Since I was there my doctor wanted to listen to the little guy's heart beat and he sounded great in the 140's. I swear, the people at the office all know us since we're there so often. We go back in about 2 weeks for another sonogram with the high risk OBGYN and then yet another check up with my doctor. 

We also got blood work results back for genetic testing we had done at 18 weeks. Luckily everything is normal and our baby boy is healthy!     

Unfortunately, Friday I got the news that I failed the 1-hour glucose test. My blood sugar was 150 and anything between 140-200 means "you are at risk for gestational diabetes". My doctor gave me the option to come in and do the 3 hour test like I did with Embry (where I passed hours one and two and barely failed the third hour), or just go ahead and treat the rest of my pregnancy like I have GD. I chose the second. I have horrible veins to begin with, in fact at both my appointments they had to draw blood out of my hand despite me drinking over a half gallon of water that morning. The three hour blood test was MISERABLE 3 years ago. The phlebotomist felt so bad for how many times she had to prick and dig in my arms and hands. I decided to just go with it and even though it will be a pain not eating sweets and limiting my carbs, it will only help me and the baby be healthier. So, yeah.... I'm already requesting cupcakes the day I birth the baby! Hah! 

Checking the apple with her doctors kit.... 

Luckily Embry's Highlights magazine came in the day before the doctor's appointments and it kept her busy for hours. Thanks to the Premers for the awesome gift of the subscription! 

E eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria while I fasted for my blood draw! Boo! Hah! 

Embracing the Rainy Week

It has been SO rainy in Dallas lately and I've been bitter about it. I love to get out and do things outside with Embry during the day and it's been cramping our style big time! Friday we decided to embrace the rain and use our hand me down rain coat for the first time. She had SO much fun splashing around in our backyard and I couldn't help but pull my good camera out (under my umbrella) and capture the pure joy of a two year old jumping in puddles. 

First French Braids

Yes, this deserves it's own category! ;) I've dreamed of doing french braids in my daughters hair from the day I found out I was having a girl! 

Sucker and an episode of Dora is all it took! 


Weirdo sleeping with her head and arms INSIDE of her sleepsack 

Ugh, hate when Jacob forgets to do my shot in the mornings! 

Cauliflower-crust pizza!

Embry was none-the-wiser and loved the pizza, although she does love roasted cauliflower, so it wasn't too surprising. 

Counting beans. Our friends who home school gave us some games their kids have outgrown.

Sorting shapes and colors 

This girl and her bedhead crazy hair! It's out of control!?!!

Biggest girl!

Lunch with Daddy 

Rainy afternoon play date with neighbors. E gets along SO well with this set of kids. 2.5 hours flew by chatting away with the mamas! 

20 Week baby bump, ready for a day at doctors appointments. 

Walking to Eliot's House 

Ahh, so peaceful! 

Salad thief! 

Confused by her water table....

Embry and neighbor Zoey (8 years old and E just ADORES her- and she couldn't be sweeter with Embry!)

After Zoey had to go home, she returned with her old doll house and E has been playing with it ever since! 



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