Sunday, May 10, 2015

Everything Embry AND Baby Higgins #2 19 Week Update: May 10

Baby Higgins Update

Baby Higgins #2 is a BOY!!!!!

Monday May 4 we had our 18 week anatomy scan with the high risk OBGYN (the perinatologist) at Presbyterian Hospital. My doctor suggested we see him for the big scan so we get good baseline images for if things get wonky near the end again...big baby, excess amniotic fluid, etc. When my doctor's scheduler made the appointment, she gave the reasoning as because I'm on Lovenox. So who knows, regardless, we saw him and he informed us 1. that our baby is absolutely perfect, healthy, etc. and 2. that our baby is a BOY!

The ultrasound started off by measuring each major body part- brain, heart, kidneys, stomach, etc, etc, etc and everything looked perfectly healthy. Huge relief. We then quickly found out Baby Higgins #2 is a boy! =) Jacob and I definitely both thought it was a boy, but having only a girl, we still were a little shocked! We then went down and had a normal "tummy check" with my doctor where we heard the little guy's heartbeat and got a few questions answered. So far, the little man is better to me than our sweet girl was. At 18 weeks I'd already gained 14 pounds with Embry! And So far I've only gained 6 this time around.

We will continue seeing Dr. Rinehart monthly, I assume through the end of the pregnancy. He also mentioned keeping me on Lovenox until 36 weeks, then switching to Heparin. So it's nice to have another doctor on top of my blood clot issues. 

Speaking of, this week I will go see my hematologist that was assigned to me back in September of 2012 when I was hospitalized. I feel confident in my OBGYN's monitoring of my blood thinners, but it will be nice to have yet another doctor back on "my team" and staying on top of my health, along with our baby's. 

I will also have the dreaded Gestational Diabetes!! They're doing it early since I had it last time around. With my sister having it with both of her pregnancies, I'm just assuming I'll have it this time as well. 

Last update on the pregnancy front is I am officially off all nausea meds! I was down to 1 Diclegis pill per day starting around 14 weeks, but I am feeling great not taking anything now! The blissful second trimester (I am currently 19+ weeks along)

Our baby boy with his hand up at his face!

How we announced the gender on social media! Blue for our boy!

Potty Training Update

I am officially calling our girl potty trained! I am sure she'll have a handful more accidents, but we've gone ALL week long with ZERO accidents. She now is stopping play and telling me when she has to poop! She's also chomping at the bit to start wearing undies to bed and honestly she's waking up dry from nap daily and is waking up in the morning pretty darn dry. I'm going to wait until she is in a big girl bed (probably in June) to try doing undies while she sleeps. I never dreamed she'd be so darn easy to potty train! So proud of our girlie!

Spring Time in the Sun!

Really enthralled with the lacrosse game Sunday afternoon with her friend Arden

Tough loss in the Elite 8 for Uncle James and the Mavs, but they did have the cutest fan!

She was quite obsessed with her hat a lot of the week!

Space ship park with William!

Of course E ends up hanging around Baby Bonnie

Running to the lake to feed the ducks with William

Showing off her new Matilda Jane outfit E got as a gift for doing some modeling for a friend =)

E&E doing bubbles

We're not biased at all ;)

 Outings This Week

One of the Dallas Rec Centers added this room E LOVES called "The Fun Zone"

We somehow ended up attending the Spanish story time at our library this week...which E had to attend in full tutu, crown and wand.

We stayed for part of Lego play time and she couldn't get enough


Play date at Watermark Church "tree fort"

E holding baby Sawyer

Embry and Sophie at the tree fort

Mother's Day

We have had a nice relaxing Mother's Day weekend. Yesterday we went out to dinner of my choice and I picked my favorite local Italian hole in the wall. This morning I was spoiled with my girl sleeping past 8:00 am and when she did get up she and Daddy surprised me with  flowers, cards, chocolates and a gift card for two pedicures =) We had a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel and are now enjoying a stormy, rainy day inside watching movies. Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mommies out there, especially mine, my sister, my MIL, and our grandmas!

Matching morning drinks- well iced coffee and chocolate milk ;)

Girlfriend loving calamari

Mother's Day breakfast at Cracker Barrel

A relaxing, snuggle filled day!


Hugs for Daddy after work

Very into temporary tattoos!

Little Mama grocery shopping with me.

Sweetest girl was VERY proud she kept winning Hungry Hungry Hippos, BUT one round when my green hippo didn't get any marbles, she was so sweet to give me half of hers.

Sweet smiles

E loves FaceTime with relatives!

Helping Daddy change batteries in her aquarium





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