Monday, May 25, 2015

Everything Embry: May 25

Lazy Park Days

Twice the past week we got up, packed lunches, and hit the park for the entire morning until 1:00pm. I know we've needed the rain, but the rainy days are getting OLD! So we had two sunny days and took full advantage!

Embry and "Baby Bonnie"

Caroline and E!

Another park day, another set of French braids! If I give her the option on how to wear her hair...."BAIDDDDDS"

Gotta love parks with no bathrooms (I seriously debated using this myself =/)

Snapping pics of her friends like Mommy!

Big Girl Room in the Making

We knew we'd be putting Embry in a big girl room this summer, it just depended on the gender of the baby whether she stay in her pink room or move to the guest room. Since it's a boy, we're keeping her in the pink room and putting her in a twin size bed. We are using the furniture I used as  little girl (yes, my parents are amazing and save all the best stuff) and it actually came from my dad's Nana and Grandpa's house! So it's Embry's great-great grandparents furniture! Papa came to town last week for work and brought the bed (headboard/footboard) and dresser. We need to buy a twin mattress which we'll do in the next few weeks, but the dresser is adorable!

Helping Papa put the dresser together.

Memorial Weekend at the Lake House

Embry and I packed up last Thursday to avoid holiday traffic and hit the road to Central Texas. We got to see Lucy at my parents house Thursday afternoon and Embry was in HEAVEN (as was Aunt Cori). We were at the lake by Friday midmorning and it was a fun weekend, but off and on pretty bad weather. Saturday we hosted two friends of mine and their families and were able to get some beach time, but also had six kids two and under stuck inside a lot of the day. Regardless we had lots of fun! Sunday-Monday Kiki and E-Pa came out to join the fun. It's so fun to have E's two sets of grandparents together. So much loving! So now Embry and I are in Austin for the week and spending the next few days with the Harts!

Using Mommy's old neck pillow from the traveling days!

So happy to have Baby Lucy in her arms

Ping pong at the lake house!

Kingsland DQ with Mimi

Napping in the bunk-beds at the lake house- SO excited each time she got to go to sleep

Papa and Mimi's new boat!!

Giving Lucy her nighttime bottle

Sweetest cousins

The four toddlers wrestling inside with Jacob

Embry, Morgan and Nolan- all born within a few weeks of each other

Baby June and Embry!

Hugs for Junie girl

The Higgins, Langhorsts, and MacLanes =)

Buddies saying goodbye after a fun day at the lake

E helping Daddy hold baby Lucy

A bathroom with a view ;)

Helping Papa put gas in the new boat

Mad that Ford wouldn't sit by her

Auntie snuggles!

Daddy and Embry nap time

Taking Papa's new boat out for it's maiden voyage

Ford adored his Uncle Jacob this weekend!

Embry and E-Pa on the boat

Mimi and her girl

Sleepy boy passed out on the boat

Love these two so much!

Proudest big cousin ever to match Lucy in their strawberry outfits

Helping bathe Lucy


Water table serves many purposes

Mickey Mouse pancake at Sunday brunch

Princess playing with basketball figurines

Monster yogurt with Eliot

Still obsessed with her dollhouse

Front porch swinging

We found where half of the snails in Dallas live.... right on the side of our house!


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