Sunday, February 15, 2015

Everything Embry: February 15

Trolley Ride and Klyde Warren Park

We met friends in Uptown Dallas to ride the free trolley downtown to go to Klyde Warren Park. I didn't get any pictures of us all on the trolley as there were three moms and five kids all two and under.... but the three toddlers spent the whole time yelling CHOO CHOOOOO!!!! We had a blast once we got to the park for their Imagination Playtime and Story Time.

Imagination play time

Story time

Bubbles in the park!

The three musketeers- Caroline, E, William- waiting for the trolley to ride home!

Gorgeous Week

We had crazy warm February weather and spent a TON of time outside!

Picnicking outside!

I almost can't give her broccoli and carrots (and ranch dressing of course) on her plate if I want her to eat anything else.

Park with neighborhood friends! E always wanting to hold the babies.

Making "birthday cakes" (At home E was CAKED in dirt, all over)  

Getting so big, climbing up the "lily pad" steps alone...making Mommy nervous

This day we had literally spent over 5 hours outside was heavenly!

Chalk artist

Oh this little smirk!!!

Valentine's Cookie Decorating Party

The Christmas cookie party I threw was such a hit and pretty easy to pull off I decided to do it again for Valentine's Day. I made about 60 cookies early in the week and froze them, made a huge batch of white icing the day before the party, and decorated the tables! I had all of our guests bring a cookie topping to share and it was a big hit!!

The table décor- Dollar Tree packing paper- served as décor and a super easy cleanup! I used a wine cork and craft paint to make the polka dots around the edge!

I got the red and white chevron paper cups for a quarter after Christmas on clearance with this party in mind.

Welcome to my cookie party friends!!!!

Very busy decorating her cookies

After Embry decorated a few cookies she moved to eating the toppings straight out of the bowl!

Who ME????
Part of the crew!!

Valentine's Day

We had a perfect, family Valentine's Day! We made pink, heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and let E decorate hers with leftover sprinkles from the cookie party! The food colored rocked her little world! We had lunch out at Plucker's where they were celebrating their 20th anniversary and had their "throwback" menu...aka the food was super cheap! Embry loved her some fried Plucker's chicken!!! We had a nice relaxing evening and had pizza at home. We exchanged cards, Jacob got his girls treats-flowers, candies, etc. and we got Embry a Lambie stuffed animal from one of her favorite shows, Doc McStuffins.

Mind blown!


Happy, happy girl!

Getting her first ever candy necklace put on!

So excited!

Feeding her baby

Embry and Lambie


Last Sunday Jacob took Embry on a Daddy/Daughter trip to the zoo to give me a few hours to myself!

Big helper making coffee in the morning

Such a good girl playing alone

I had been sitting enjoying my coffee one morning and Embry had gotten out her stamp set on her own and set it up at the kitchen table. Love my independent girl!

We got to visit my good friend Ashli and her new baby boy, Cash and take them dinner!

E couldn't keep her hands or lips off baby Cash

Helping me out with my stuffy nose

She loves her taking her doll and car seat along with us in the car!

Toddler open gym

Visiting with friends who love little miss e

Our selfies =) =) =)


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