Sunday, February 8, 2015

Everything Embry: February 8


Embry and I spent a full week in Austin and came home Thursday morning in time to meet Jacob for lunch on Thursday near his office. We had SUCH a great time spending a lot of time with Great Gram and Great Papa.

Sporting her Valentine's outfit from Great Aunt Jamie and family.... this is a size 4T!!! OMGGGGG! My tall girl!

On a long walk with Uncle James

Walking with Great Papa

Playing on the sport court

Cousin swing time

Helping E-Pa pick his squares

How Embry watches the Super Bowl- stringing jewelry

Playing with Great Gram

Kissing cousins

Super Bowl Party Games!

Playing with Lovey and Great Papa

Intense train play at Barnes 'N Noble

My little artist

Helping Great Papa with one of his famous dishes- beef and broccoli

She loves her Uncle "Dame"

Counting money with Great Papa

Bedtime books with Great Gram

I had her give bedtime smooches and Embry plopped down to lay a few on Athena

Half Price Books with Mimi

I was pretty impressed with E's drawing of Mommy. She told Gram there was "eyes, nose, mouth, chin, hair, arms, legs" and the black scribbles on top were her writing Mommy. Maybe I have rose colored goggles, but I think it's pretty darn good for a 2 year old!

Rudy's BBQ with Papa

More bedtime books with Great Gram

FaceTime with Daddy! She was playing doctor and doing a checkup on him through the phone.

Fisher Price Little People

Getting our free iced coffee at Chick-fi-A

Holding hands with Doodle Bug

Girls night out with some of Mommy's besties!

I don't get to put E to sleep at home since Daddy insists every night, so I love getting the extra snuggles when we're in Austin!

Home Sweet Home

Although it's so nice to spend a week in Austin, we're all happy to be back home together. Especially Embry. She's been quite the Daddy's girl the past few days and Jacob is eating it up. I told him I'll have to take her to Austin more often ;) In fact, they're currently having a Daddy daughter date at the zoo and I'm getting a ton done around the house without a two year old around.
First nap back in her own crib... missed her favorite Mickey bed

Some Austin detox.....

Luckily she was distracted by her Bubble Guppies sticker book from Kiki and E-Pa

Silly bath girlie

Ready for MOPS (aka "school")

So big!

She made friends with twin girls her age at the park and they played restaurant for a long time

Loved getting back to our favorite parks

This big girl hair was killing me!!!

She saw me painting my nails and had to have hers done. Love it!

Flying with Daddy

Baby blue eyes

My crew!!

How Embry feels about a sunny, 70 degree February day!

Sweetest profile!


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