Sunday, December 14, 2014

Everything Embry: December 14

Testicular Cancer Update

Wednesday morning we went to Jacob's quarterly appointment at Texas Oncology at Medical City Hospital in Dallas and got the wonderful news that Jacob's scans and blood work were completely normal and clear! There's one tumor marker in his blood work that when he had the cancer in him was off the chart and that blood work takes a few days to come back, but with the clear scan, we're confident that the blood work will be normal. After a full year of quarterly PET scans this year we get to move to every six months for the next few years! Yay!

Twinsies! Daddy and his side kick at the doctor!

Play area in the lobby of the hospital

Dallas Arboretum

Sunday us and our favorite neighbors packed in our car and hit the Arboretum. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday, but Sunday was pretty cold and damp. It actually makes for great photos when there's no direct sunlight and the amount that the kids ran around, they weren't affected by the cold at all!

Sweetest his and hers quilted coats

Making wishes, throwing pennies

Checking out the fishies

Getting chased by Daddy

Eliot and his daddy checking out a waterfall

E, E, and Jacob

Coming in at second place....the twinkies

E and E running with Patrick

Pause to have Patrick put her bow in her hair after it fell out. hah

Leap frog over Eliot


One of e's most used phrases...."twirl around". This girl loves to dance and twirl!

New favorite picture! Love those blue eyes!

She was having some very important phone convos with Mimi this week

The adventures of Embry and Lovey


Cutest Christmas girl

Silly fire woman ;)

It was so cute to see her discover blowing the dandelions! She ran around searching the park for more, more, more!



Christmas at Northpark Mall

Northpark Mall is a total must do during the holidays with kids. They have an infamous Santa with his own social media accounts...he's been the same Santa there for a few decades I think! He does story time each morning and you have to get tickets and wait hours to sit on his lap. We met friends to do the Santa story time Wednesday and there were TV cameras everywhere. Tune in (or tape) the Today Show this upcoming Tuesday as they'll be doing a story on him (and look for us in the crowd)!!! Afterwards we visited the "Trains at Northpark" exhibit and Embry loved it. It was so fun to go with her friend, William, who was seriously in seventh heaven with all of the "choo choos" around.

Listening to Santa's story time

Trains at NP!

Me, E, William, and Annie!

Playing at lunch

E & W hugs

Christmas Cookie Party

Embry had so much fun "hosting" her big birthday play date with all of our Dallas friends back in October that I knew I wanted to host a Christmas themed party and I came up with a Christmas cookie decorating party. I made 80 Christmas cookies and made a few pounds of homemade white butter cream icing and asked our guests to all bring a cookie topping (sprinkles, candy, etc.) to share with everyone. There ended up being 14 kiddos and it was so much fun!

Cookies and icing! Ready for our friends!

Loved how the tables turned out- packing paper from the Dollar tree and I used a wine cork as a stamp in craft paint. Festive and made for the easiest clean up ever!


Embry hard at work decorating

Taste testing while decorating

E's final product!!!

I had a station of cute plates and plastic wrap for our guests to take home their decorated cookies!

Lots of fun play time with friends!

Caroline and Embry doing their makeup together =)

These two played in E's kitchen alone SO nicely for so long!


We had the lovely experience of Miss Priss pooping in the tub...... luckily Jacob was home and got to clean it up while I cleaned her up! Haha

Poblano chicken tortilla soup...mmmmmmm

Loves her stamps!

She loves wearing Jacob's socks. LOL

My new Instagram wall in the playroom

Love it!

Sweetest sleeper and her dollies

Her sprout pony tail kills me!!!

Such a good little mama

Trader Joe's is SO good with kids! She loves their carts, they let her help with all of the checkout, and even give suckers and stickers at the end.

Loves making everyone pray at the table

Coloring ornaments

We were so sad to say goodbye to our neighbors and friends who moved to Oklahoma this week. =(
Embry loves her some Embry...

Daddy making his homemade hot cocoa

Jacob finally got our outdoor lights up!

Jacob had quite the work crew helping...Embry and Eliot

Saturday night pizza picnic and Mickey Christmas movie

Embry loving Eliot's Legos
Eliot's "Lovey" is a muslin swaddle blanket and when he's around Embry likes to copy...hah

Finished product!



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