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Everything Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

We packed up Friday December 19 and hit the road to Austin after Jacob got off work. We stayed for over a week and were able to see all of our families and some friends. We had a great time, but are happy to be home in Dallas after basically living out of our car for 9 days, going from guest room to guest room.

Higgins Christmas

We were able to get together with Jacob's dad, half brother, half sister, and two brothers for a nice meal and present exchange. We were glad we were able to see the whole gang since last Christmas we didn't get to see them. The last time we were all together was Christmas 2012 when Embry was just a few weeks old. Embry received a power wheels car from her Grandpa Higgins and was completely obsessed with it! We had to leave it in Austin to be brought up in the next few weeks because it's so big! Hah!

Aunt Kayce helping Embry drive

Family dinner

We gave Kayce a makeup set and Embry loved testing it out with her.

Grandpa Higgins and Embry

Aunt Kayce and E

The Higgins Crew- Luke, Blake, Kayce, Embry, Adam, Rick, and Jacob

I, of course, made them recreate the photo I snaped in 2012


Weekend with Kiki and E-Pa

We spent the weekend leading up to Christmas with Kiki and E-Pa, the weekend after with my family at the lake house and split up the week of Christmas. Embry loved hanging with Kiki and E-Pa baking cookies with Kiki, playing at the park, and going to the Round Rock Trail of Lights for the second year in a row. 

Getting chased by E-Pa

And Daddy =)

We gave Kiki matching "Grandma and Me" aprons for Christmas and had her open them early so they could bake together.

First ice cream cone at Dairy Queen with Great Grandma Gordon

Ready for the Trail of Lights

Love her wonder!

The final tunnel is amazing!

After the lights, there's "Christmas Towne" with rides and food.

Bounce house

Embry, E-Pa, Kiki and Jacob =)

Mimi and Papa's

Play date with Ford and friends!

Kissing cousins

Aunt Tomi and her babies

Mimi and her grands

We met up with two of Jacob's best friends from elementary-high school! They've all gone on to have baby girls the past two years! Too cute! Jacob w/ Embry, Chris w/ Amelia, and Aaron w/ Taylor

Jacob holding baby Amelia

Embry loving on Amelia- she quickly starting fussing...My Daddy, MY Daddy!!!

We went to a graduation party where we didn't even get a photo with the grad himself, but here's the proud mama of the grad- Susan and Jacob

Me and sweet six week old baby June

Daddy and E playing with Mimi and Papa's toys

Lots of good cousin time at Mimi and Papa's

Playing on the sport court!

Getting chased by Papa


Christmas Eve

We spent the night of the 23rd with my inlaws so that we could have all day Christmas Eve with them and wake up and do "Christmas Morning" with them! We always do Christmas Eve dinner with the Gordon family (Jacob's Grandma, uncle and cousins) and it was especially fun this year since Jacob's cousin, Jeremy, has a daughter a year younger than Embry. The girls had a blast together and brought so much fun to the night!

Opening gifts from E-Pa and Kiki

Embry's giant stocking blanket Kiki made!

Helping Daddy open gifts

Walking her barbies with E-Pa

Helping Uncle Luke open his gifts

Embry and Uncle Luke

Ready for Christmas Eve dinner

Prettiest Christmas Girl!


Jeremy and Lux, Jacob and Embry

Sam and Embry

Embry wanting to dig into the Christmas Gifts

E got a giant Minnie puzzle and wanted the "bow" in her hair

Embry and Lux in matching Christmas nightgowns

Smooches for Lux

Great Grandma and her two great granddaughters

Embry and Lux

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day with my family and we had a great day...except for Jacob had a stomach bug!! He woke up feeling okay, but by 10am or so was bedridden for the rest of the day. He was so sad to miss the day with Embry, but got to see her open her gifts. Luckily he woke up feeling completely fine the next day for our weekend at the lake. Embry had so much fun opening her stocking from Santa (us), and gifts from my family. She also helped herself to opening most everyone's presents, hah!

Scooter from Santa!

Breakfast break!

Legos from Mimi and Papa

Dress up and dolls

Christmas morning family photo

Prayers with Ford

Christmas jammies

Watching Elf with her new soccer ball! She was actually interested for like 15 minutes...hah

Quick snuggles with Daddy when he came down for toast =(

Christmas Day Chaos on the Sport Court

Helping "cook" Christmas dinner

Playing doctor with Uncle James

Snuggles with Papa

Weekend at the Lake House

We spent our last two days in town at the Fanning lake house. Lots of good family time, the cousins had fun together, and the adults pretty much played the game Smart Ass (that we gifted my dad) during every hour the babies were napping/sleeping.

Ping Pong with Aunt Tomi and Dada

E and her Bubble Guppies busy book

"Playing" Othello with Mimi

Naptime at the lake

Embry shocked us all and LOVED the sand. (She hated it at the beach this summer...and at the lake over Labor Day Weekend)

Ford and Papa

A boy and his stick

Theenie girl

She loved looking for shells

Memory game with Aunt Tomi

Aunt Tomi snuggles

Legos with Uncle James

And she ended the weekend with poker ;)

Make up with Mimi


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