Friday, December 19, 2014

Everything Embry: December 19

This evening we are leaving Dallas to head to a full week+ in Austin for the holidays!

Aunt Tomi Visits

We were so excited when my sister Tomi decided to come for a few days! She is moving to Australia for 6 months in January to be an au pair, and we are going to miss her desperately. Not sure there's an Aunt out there who loves her niece and nephew more than she does. And Embry LOVES having her around. Doesn't really want Mommy at all when "Tawy" is around. We had fun getting E's ears pierced (more below), doing Christmas stuff at Northpark Mall, going to parks with friends and just playing at home.

Getting ready with Aunt Tomi

Sister wine night

We also had a special treat- our second cousin, Gaby, from Minnesota was in town for work and came over for dinner and drinks one night!! We had so much fun catching up!

Ear Piercing

I asked for ear piercing for Christmas for Embry and her Gramma and Grampa Great (My Gramma and Grampa Premer) were excited to gift it to her! I wanted E's ears pierced a year ago, but a piercing place said from 6 mo-24 months wasn't a great age because they mess with them, so I waited patiently ;) This was honestly the perfect time to do them, because she's a tough girl and deals well with pain and was totally clueless about the actual piercing up until the earring went in. Plus, she doesn't remember they're there, unless prompted. And boy when you prompt her, get ready for ears in your face and lots of twirling. She's even loved showing off her earrings to Mimi and Papa and Ford on FaceTime. 

As for the actual piercing, there unfortuntaely was only one employee so we had to do one ear at a time and I'd say she cried for about 10-15 seconds per ear and was easily distracted by a sucker and promises of a cookie later. She hopped down and ran off to play with a key chain. Tomi and I were shocked! She has also napped and slept great since, so they aren't affecting her negatively at all, phew!

Tomi snapped a picture RIGHT when she got pierced. Poor thing.

All smiles afterwards!

Later that day!

Jacob and I just adore our little girl with her little pink earrings. She's just as sweet as can be!

Christmas Happenings!

We've had so much fun doing all kinds of Christmasy things this year. This week we went to the annual Cone Christmas dinner that our neighbors host and cook a FULL Christmas dinner on their own! Luckily Aunt Tomi was in town to babysit Embry =) She attended as an 11 week old two years ago, but we've left her behind the past two years now. We went back to Northpark when E got her ears done and saw one of their many puppet shows they put on every half hour! Embry was mesmerized to say the least. Embry helped me make....well I made it all during her nap, but she taste tested when she got up.... my mom's Crispix Mix candy that I delivered to 16 neighborhood houses! It's a very tedious treat to make, but our neighborhood expects it every December ;) Embry had fun helping me deliver it to each house. She loves to help and do things on her own...which usually takes about 4 times as long, but is so cute. Embry and Eliot also did a gift exchange as "they" got each other books. Lauren and I were dying when Embry kept wanting "more" "more" "more" and Eliot asked "But where are the toys"?? Haha! Our neighborhood library branch put on a fun Christmas craft and cookie decorating event one evening that we met some friends at. Embry, of course had a blast, and is now getting used to eating cookies and candies every day. Hah. We also made an impromtu trip to "Electric Lizzy Land" which is a house about 5 minutes away from us that was featured on the ABC Christmas lights show and was amazing! There were even live carolers and spiked hot chocolate!

The wonder of Christmas.... Love!

Showing Lovey the lights

Embry and Athena

Family selfie in front of our lights

Headed to the Cone Christmas dinner!

Oh the fooooood!!!

Christmas puppet show at Northpark Mall

Crispix Mix!

Speedy delivery

Fancy Nancy book!! hooray!

Crafts at White Rock Hills library

More cookie decorating

And cookie eating!

E and her friend Cammie =)

Electric Lizzy Land


Getting ready with Daddy

New fun "toy" out of Mommy and Daddy's game cabinet

Popcorn and pigtails

Loved the healthy meal Embry picked out for her cake, milkshake, ice cream sandwich (On top of a piece of lettuce), pizza, hamburger bun and a tub of ice cream

Her new favorite thing is to help "cook"- she basically likes to stir, fill things with water, etc. (Unlit burner, obviously...LOL) The more utensils I give her the better

Smiling at herself in the mirror above the meat department at Kroger...haha

Best buds exploring the park

Sweet little baby

Paints from the Runds!!
"Ta daaaaa" a new favorite Embry saying

Painting Christmas Trees

We've gotten Christmas packages from Aunt and Uncles in Chicago and Missouri this week! Our girl is so loved!

Trucker hat E

Relaxing in Mommy and Daddy's bed!

Daddy snuggles in the morning

Play date with William and Baby Bonnie =)

Sweet friends from swim lessons and MOPS


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