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Everything Embry: August 24


We had a little photo session at the Dallas Arboretum back at the end of June through a Living Social deal I bought. It was definitely worth the $15 I paid, but that's about it.... Haha. No, really we got three cute pictures of Embry out of it, but the photographer wouldn't give us the digital files for less than $200, so I got my free three prints and just scanned them into the computer. So these files aren't the greatest quality since they're scanned in, but oh well. 

My favorite picture =)

Jacob's favorite of the three pics =)

Sick, Yet Again

Wednesday morning at 4:30 am I woke up to Embry crying and kind of gagging. I ran into her room and found her dry heaving/kind of throwing up spit. Sorry for the TMI! We both went back to sleep and I turned off my alarm to workout that morning and at 7:30 am I woke up to the same sounds. Poor girl was a little puny and didn't have much of an appetite the whole day. Although mid-morning she'd already had enough sitting around and cried by the back door to "go". I let her outside and she cried by my car "go, go, go". She doesn't like to sit around all day. Hah. She also took a 3.5 hour nap that day and then put herself to bed 15 min before normal. My theory is her canines are finally coming in and her way of dealing with pain, unfortunately, is puking. Her five day puking ordeal in March resulted in her molars coming through. Sigh. She woke up Thursday back to her normal self, thank goodness! And by 8:30 am Thursday she was raring to "GO!" so we ran a bunch of errands and she loved it. Her mother's daughter for sure!  

Unfortunately, Friday I was sick. I woke up nauseous but still went to the gym where I just walked slowly for 30 minutes. Later that morning I was trying to convince myself I wasn't sick and we went to story time but came home right after. It kept getting worse and I felt awful all afternoon. When Jacob got home, I went right to bed and luckily woke up Saturday morning feeling like a new woman!

Sweet sickie 

Poor thing just wants to GO!

Spent a bit painting some real masterpieces! Haha 

Poor thing, laying on her trampoline. 

Snack time after a long nap. 

Apple sauce popsicles! 

The worst part by far of being a stay at home mom, when you're sick and still gotta be "on"

She did a great job of entertaining herself the afternoon I was sick- reading her little bible =)


9:00 am park play because it's to darn hot much later

Apple sauce popsicles and reunited with Eliot!

St. Francis Park, throwing rocks and sticks into the creek

Girly girl


With Embry and I each being sick for one day, it felt like we didn't get out and do much. But we managed to do a few fun things ;)

The Farmer's Market 

Feeling better after her tummy issues

She LOVED this mask at Joann's

Target toy aisles....always a fun outing 

Browsing at the library 

Story time 

FroYo Outing 


This girl and these shades 

She sure lovesssss coloring these days 

And praying at dinner. (and eating shredded cheese and grapes) 

And her Mickey Mouse flash cards we got a few weeks ago

Embry's tree! Now taller than Mommy!

So into her jewelry these days

Life sure is hard when your earbuds won't stay in your ears.... Oye!

She has spent HOURS stacking her letter blocks this weekend. I've not seen her sit still for this long in awhile. (Maybe besides the barbies last week)

We were so impressed when we saw her stack 12 blocks on her own!!!!

Baby long legs =)

Then we caught her stacking SIXTEEN tall!!! Impressive, E! 

Beauty shop! Doing Mommy's hair. 



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