Saturday, August 9, 2014

Everything Embry: August 9

Posting a day earlier than usual! We are off to Austin this morning for Ford's first birthday and Embry and I will be staying the whole week! 

Testicular Cancer Update

The biggest news of the week is Jacob is still cancer free!! Two weeks ago Jacob had his quarterly PET scan to check on his testicular cancer. We went in on Wednesday August 6 to Texas Oncology to get the results. (Typically they do the scan and we get the results within a few days, but Jacob wanted a noontime PET scan to miss minimal work and the results appointment was scheduled back in April). Anyway, we figured that if something had come up in the scan that they would have called us before Wednesday, but it was a huge relief when the doctor told us the scans were clear and everything looked great! Jacob and I both LOVE his oncologist and enjoyed the appointment. It was the perfect birthday present for me! We'll go back December 10 for results for his last PET scan of the year. 

My 28th Birthday

My birthday celebration kicked off early on Monday night when sitting at the dinner table at 7:30 pm in walked my two girlfriends, Lauren and Julie, who announced we were going out! They had set up with Jacob to surprise me and take me out for my birthday. They had the most amazing cupcakes from Society Bakery waiting for me and we went to The Rustic, which is Pat Green's new bar/restaurant, and had amazing cocktails and girl talk =) It was so fun. Tuesday morning I woke up to flowers, a bag of my favorite candies, and a new Mother Daughter Willow Tree =). We ordered a new lens for my camera so I was surprised Jacob and Embry got me anything ;) Later, Embry, Athena and I walked to our favorite local donut shop, we had lunch with friends and that night the three of us went to dinner at Cane Rosso and had AMAZING Neapolitan pizza. They have a big oven in the middle of the restaurant and it's 1000 degrees. The pizzas only take 70 seconds to cook! It's nuts, and OH SO DELISH. It was a fabulous birthday!

Running with her donut holes =)

My little family =)


As usual, to stay sane, we went on a lot of outings. It also was a much hotter week than last week....we're back to our normal triple digit temps outside. Ugh! 

Children's Aquarium 

Feels like we're back in South Padre visiting the sea turtles 

Klyde Warren Park downtown 

Tea party in the splash pad at Klyde Warren

e&e playing at the food trucks

Muscle man =)

Riding the Uptown trolley back to our car 

It's a shame she's so shy ;)

Marching at story time 

Playing Outside

Even though it was a HOTTTT week, Embry was obsessed with her slide this week. Also, she has been playing in the backyard really well alone. Anytime we get home, she doesn't want to come inside and it's content to play in the backyard alone. She also started going down her slide head first, unprompted by either of us. She is so not my child! hahaha. ;)

Embry and Theenie girl =)

Feeding her doll 

Brave girl 

Early morning park trip in her PJs

Baby blues 

Saying bye to Daddy in the morning 

Uh ohhhhh


I think E is trying to tell me she wants twin sisters next! And a pool! She has been obsessed with her wearing her water wings. 


Crazy jumping girl 

Still loving her pop up/flap books 

One day I spent a whole naptime organizing toys! OYE do we have a LOT!

Tickles for mama

Making our weekly batch of whole wheat zucchini/carrot muffins - Still one of Embry's favorite snacks!

Girly much????

FaceTime with Mimi and Ford. Embry showing off jumping on her trampoline

Sitting in her cars alone one evening while Jacob and I were inside. 

Last night we went out and we told Embry she was going to get to play at Eliot's house, well we weren't quite ready to go and she stood by the backdoor crying to go to Eliot's. 

Me and E before our date night out. Have to brag on Jacob- he won a big case last week and the client and his wife took us out to Lawry's Prime Rib for a fantastic meal last night!


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