Sunday, August 3, 2014

Everything Embry: August 3

22 Months Old

Embry turned 22 months on Friday, click here for her 22 month post. Here are some outtakes to her 22 month "photo shoot"

After I snapped her pictures I was at the kitchen table on my computer and I heard her messing with things in the family room. I walked over and couldn't believe what she had done. The pink chair was already there, but she had pulled over her other chair and put stuffed animals in them and was taking their pictures. I mean, I just about died laughing. 

Kroger Girl

We go to Kroger every Monday morning, but this past Monday we went to a Kroger a bit further away since I had an errand nearby. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to go back to my normal Kroger now. This one had mini Kroger carts for kids and on my gosh....Embry had a BLAST! You can only imagine the amount of comments I got on how cute she was, I mean come on?!!!

Perot Museum 

Monday afternoon Embry didn't nap long, so Lauren, Embry and I loaded up to go pick up Eliot from school and spent a long afternoon at the Perot Museum. For the first time we didn't just stay on the first floor (the Children's Museum) the whole time. We went to an area that was above Embry's head, but she still enjoyed doing some of the stuff, especially the drums!

Embry at the Farmer's Market

Water tabling =)

We let the kids take off their shoes and play in the little water area on our way off, and of course Embry was sitting and swimming in the water. 


Pillow Girl

She's a sweaty mess when I move her pillow off her head at night

Where's Embry?!

Afternoons at White Rock Lake & St. Francis Park

This week we had freakishly cool temps a few days, so we took advantage and went to a few parks. This particular day we went to a park right on White Rock Lake and it was in the 70's and with the breeze off the lake, I was actually a little cold! I also brought my DSLR camera along and was able to snap some cute pictures of Embry and Eliot playing and feeding the ducks. (Which by the way I didn't have any old bread, so I brought stale tortilla chips and the ducks did NOT like them)!

e&e walking down to the lake 

Eating the stale chips....

The squirrels were so bold and loved the chips....yikes

E got her feelings hurt when I made her give back Miss Lauren's lemonade she was chugging....haha

The next day it was another great, cool day so Lauren and I took the kids to the park right by our houses, St. Francis Park. I didn't get many cute pictures of Embry, but got a few great ones of Eliot on my good camera! I'm loving getting all the good practice on nice, shady days. Oh and on this particular park day, I took Athena since there are acres and acres of wooded area around where she loves to run and chase squirrels....well she caught one RIGHT by the playground. It was horrifying. Yikes. 


Double duty!

Sweetest little E girl 

She's been so obsessed with her coupe car that she wants to play outside even when I tell her I'm going inside. I hear her jabbering away out there. 

Shaking her eggs

Dancing at story time

Looking at our Shutterfly book from our vacation last month

An afternoon of chalking =)

Diaper box play time 

More solo car play

Amazing how much fun boxes can provide

Dolly with her dollies

We had our last week of book club where Embry went to childcare. They said she was extra hyper and happy. Luckily MOPS starts up again at the beginning of September

She's been extra into her slide this week

Eggs are way better off Mom's plate

Saturday Embry and Daddy had a fun day out and went to the mall for a story time

Coloring at the Disney Store

Plucker's Dinner!

My two blue eyed babes 

Embry was saying MINE and cuddling Jacob's wallet...LOL

She was in SUCH a silly mood at dinner, so fun

She was reminding me of her Uncle James who used to sit and play with his little toy figures for our whole meals out. Little Minnie and sugar packets provide lots of fun.

We got a free fried twinkie, and let's just say Embry LOVED it. 


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