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Everything Embry: Austin Edition (August 17)

We just got back from a great week in Austin! The three (four with Athena) of us went last weekend for Ford's First Birthday but Jacob drove home after the party. Embry and I stayed for a whole week and had so much fun with family and friends. Just a warning it's a very picture heavy post ;) but when isn't it, right??

Ford's First Birthday

Cannot believe our little Fordy Doodle Bug is already a year old! We had a blast at his birthday and Embry tried her first corndog (that she tried to lick like a popsicle-haha) and has a few cookies ;) We were excited to give him our store bought gifts, but most excited about handing over "Ford's Tree". Jacob did the same thing for Ford as he did for Embry. The fall that he was born, he collected over 100 acorns and harvested them and planted them (and BABIED THEM). Anyway, ONE of the 100+ trees survived the spring of the crazy squirrels and now is about 8 inches tall. =)

Stealing some of F's icing. Uh oh, I think she likes icing a little too much like her mama ;)

Sharing with Papa

Festive milk and cookies girl 

My amazing family! Love them so much!

Stomach Bug in Austin =(

Saturday night we spent the night at the Hart's house and Sunday morning after breakfast Embry puked EVERYWHERE.... on the Hart's nice couch, their new rug, etc... I was praying it was a fluke since her last stomach bug lasted FIVE days.... but she ended up throwing up two more times that afternoon at Mimi and Papa's house and just wasn't quite herself. Thank goodness she slept great that night and seemed much better the next day. She was definitely 100% by Tuesday. Phew! 

I definitely put a garbage bag over her for our drive to Mimi and Papa's house. 

Poor baby, just laying on the floor

Kelli Ho

Monday, our sweet old lady Kelli Ho, went to heaven. She was our first family dog and lived a great 14 years. I was so glad I was in town and got to be with the family for the tough time. Kelli Ho will be very missed =(

Kelli Ho in 2000 as a puppy

Christmas 2001, Kelli's second Christmas with us. 

Embry and Kelli Ho- Easter 2013

Kel's last day =(

Ford's Birthday Dinner

On Ford's actual birthday we met the Hart's at Rudy's BBQ. My parents friends run this particular location so we got a private tour which was SO interesting! Unfortunately while there, Embry discovered her love for pickles (something I DESPISE)!! Haha! Daddy is very happy ;)

Barbie Girl

I think "Barbies" may be the theme of our week in town. My parents have an ENTIRE attic full of our old toys and this trip they got out two huge Rubbermaid containers of Barbies and Barbie gear and Embry LOVED it! She spent hours and hours playing this week! 

Mount Playmore

One morning my mom and I took E to a new indoor play place for a few hours. She wasn't quite ready for the huge playscape they're known for, but she had a ball in the toddler area and especially loved the "roller coaster". 

Outlet Malls

We made a trip to the outlet malls as Mimi had been eyeing the train there and wanted to take us all for a spin. Embry loved waving to passersby and had just as much fun with the taxi stroller Mimi rented! 

Shopping and snacking

Had to buy these Osh Kosh sunglasses that matched Mommy's 

The Thinkery

Friday we went to Austin's Children's Museum, The Thinkery. We've been once before in the winter and she had just as much fun! 

Playing at Mimi and Papa's

Mimi and Papa's house is always endless fun with lots of people and toys. There's always someone to play with and new toys to play with. Here are some random pictures from the week. 

Practicing letters

Lunch and playing at Phil's Ice House

Cutest cousins

Mimi's homemade popsicles 

Mimi and Papa got a coupe car for their house! So fun!

Another favorite of Mimi and Papa's toys is their doctor kit! Big hit this week.

Checking out Uncle James' ears

Checking out lovey bear

Naked cruisin'

Papa and E at Chipotle!

Bedtime equals breaks from reading a book to feed your doll =)

Looking at Ford's pictures 

Swimming in her nightgown 

Splash park =)

Matching shades =)

She loves her Papa

Baby Showering at Kiki and E-Pa's

Our second weekend in town we spent at Kiki and E-Pa's house and Saturday they hosted a baby shower. Embry made herself quite at home with the "parents to be" and a new little boyfriend, Easton. 

Kiki giving E a cupcake =)

E making herself at home, ready to help open gifts 

Kiki and E-Pa's House 

Embry and I spent Wednesday afternoon and evening and our second weekend at Kiki and E-Pa's house and had a lot of fun with family and friends playing, swimming,etc!

Smooches from Uncle Luke and Great Grandma Gordon

Scootering with Kiki 

Girl swim party!

Embry (22 mo), Ali (3 mo) and Lux (9 mo)

Embry kept trying to get Lux to crawl after her! Hah

Francine and baby Ali =)

Sweet baby Ali fell asleep on me in the pool for over 30 min! It was the BEST!!! 

First squirt gun!

Hot dog dance with Kiki 

Coloring with Kiki 

Daddy's three girls made it home safely after a week away! We were one stoplight from home and E was still zonked!


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