Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Embry: 21 Months Old

21 Month Stats

Weight:  27.4 pounds (taken at home)

Height: n/a
Diapers: Size 5
Clothes: 18-24 month, 24 month, 18-24 mo or 24 months pajamas, a few 2T things fit her, but are awfully baggie. She's very narrow, despite being tall =) and summer stuff we don't need the length.
Shoes: Size 5, wearing a few size 6 shoes 
Eating:  Eats 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day.....or lots of snacks a day! Drinks around 8-16 oz of organic whole milk per day and lots of water. Favorites are "pancakes" (banana/egg), real pancakes, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, chicken quesadillas, fish sticks, greek yogurt, ALL fruit! 
Sleeping: 11+ hours straight through the night (8:00 pm-7:00/7:30 am) Nap at 1:00 pm, typically for 2 hours, sometimes 3 hours. 
Teeth: 12 teeth, no new teeth this month, although she's totally working on the four canines.
Words: Finally making headway in the talking department. Starting to mock more of our words. New words- bubble, baby, mine, buy (yeah while throwing a fit for candy at Kroger yelling BUY! BUY! BUY!), purple, blue, toot, home, two, lovey, cheese, etc...
Favorite Toys: This little hard plastic Minnie doll, a little hard plastic baby doll (what is it with little dolls?), kitchen, play food, doll high chair, shopping cart, doll strollers, coloring books/crayon, trampoline, slide in the backyard 
Favorite Books:  Oh The Places You'll Go, we're back on the flap book band wagon, Dr. Suess ABC's

New Things!

*FINALLY starting to repeat more of our words and attempt more talking. Still it's totally when she wants to. If she says a new word and then later I try to get her to repeat it she stares at me like, nope, don't want to do that right now Mom, k? All on her own terms for sure.
*She announces every time she "toots" by grabbing her booty and saying "toot" in the cutest little voice. 
*Dances like crazy. She has been "dancing" for awhile, but she's getting good at it. And she'll mock moves we do, it's very cute. And she can't help herself when she hears any music.
*Wants so badly to hold up "numbers" on her fingers. Any book that has counting/numbers or anytime I mention a number she holds up her hand in distress and wants me to help her do the correct number on her hand. She can get one and two right most of the time. 
*Loves to pray at meals and even when she's eating her play food
*Loves popsicles and knows when I say- do you want a popsicles, she yells POP and runs to the door since we always eat them outside! Hah!
*Loves FaceTime with family. She totally shows off and makes sure they're watching her, smooches the phone, etc...
*"Graduated" from Mommy and Me swim lessons this month, although not quite sure how much she really learned ;)
*Has really perfected the fake cry. Jutting out her bottom lip, face to the eyes, and squeezing her eyes shut. She's VERY dramatic.
*Pretty bad about sharing. Had a playdate this past weekend with two friends her age and she was so bad about sharing! Ugh!
*Got big girl undies and has kept them dry for spans of time, but still hasn't gone potty in her potty chair
*Doesn't like bugs at all
*Loves to boss Athena around
*Loves to help Daddy water the flowers outside

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