Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everything Embry: July 20

First Haircut

I never thought I'd be getting E's hair cut so early, BUT it all started a few months ago when we were with Ford at his haircut. I joked with the lady and said, well poor Embry won't get a haircut for a few years. She said, no that I should really consider cutting it soon to even it out and get the fine baby hair off. It will appear thicker and start growing evenly. I told a few moms of girls and they all encouraged me to go ahead and snip it. I want her to have long hair, so although it seems counter-intuitive, we went for it. This week particularly the patch from the crown of her head was extra long and extra rough. It's like the hair wanted to curl up, but was just too nappy. Hah. So I decided this was the week and we went while Gramma and Grampa Great were in town. We went to Cool Cuts for Kids for any Dallas peeps! E did great- she didn't love the cape at first, but soon zoned out into the Dora episode they were playing. It looks SO cute! I'm so glad I got it done! 

I snapped this early in the week and decided it was time for a haircut 

We got there just before it opened. 

Playing at the train table after her haircut. Glad she didn't see it beforehand!

Perfect little curls 

Before and after 

Never thought my toddler would use hair product, but the stylist used this on Embry and Gramma Great insisted she buy it for Embry! I've used it each morning and it's worked great! 

Gramma and Grampa Great

Wednesday afternoon my Grandparents, Embry's "Gramma and Grampa Great", arrived from Kansas City for a visit. They stayed through Friday morning and are now visiting the rest of my family through next week. Embry LOVED them both so much. Embry's definitely not shy, but after not seeing them for 10 months I was thinking she'd take some time to warm up to them, but that wasn't the case. She kept wanting Gramma AND Grampa to "mome on" (come on) and follow her around the house. They were both awesome about playing with her and mentioned what a busy body she is. Hah! 

Opening her new Raggedy Ann doll 

Swinging with Gramma Great and Raggedy Ann

Three of four generations 

Gramma brought her gluten free cookies and shared with E

They made a sock puppet for her and it was a big hit the whole time. 

Showing Grampa her basketball skills! Grampa was a basketball coach for many decades!

Gramma wears an "E" and "F" necklace for Embry and Ford just like Mimi. And of course she loved it as much as she loves Mimi's necklace. 

Lunch at Sam's Club ;)

Mimi and James visited for about an hour on their way through town before James' game. Embry RAN for Mimi and gave her a big, long hug.  (in town for a basketball tournament)

Playing with Uncle James

Loved this. We were trying to get a picture of James and the grands and little Miss posed a few feet away. 

Four generations 

Gramma Great going on "an adventure" with Embry 

We had to take them to our favorite thrift store =)

Telling Grampa to come on!

Loved having y'all!! 

Practicing with my Camera

After posting the blog last week, I went to an awesome camera class. I have had a nice Nikon DSLR camera since college, but have never switched it off of the Auto setting. I had heard about a lady in our area who is a young mom and photographer and teaches classes for moms like me. So I took the class and learned a ton. I've had fun practicing on my favorite little subject this week! 

Finding roly poly bugs 

LOVE this shot of the little chalk artist looking at her blank canvas 

Sweet girl and "favorite" (her "best" lovey)

The perfect depiction of the current Embry. Always moving and always holding favorite lovey. 

10 Year High School Reunion

Yesterday Jacob and I had our 10 year high school class reunion. Nuts! It was very low key and informal- a get together at a bar. It was great to see a lot of old friends and acquaintances and just have a night out without the baby ;)

 We drove into Austin at noon on Saturday and stayed with the Harts. They kept Embry for us and although we were there afterwards, woke up with her in the morning so we could sleep in. We ended the trip with a big breakfast with grand parents, great grandparetns and siblings from both sides Sunday moring on our way out of town. (Kiki, Great Grandma Gordon, Mimi, Papa, Gramma and Grampa Great,  Aunt Tomi, and Uncle Luke) I'm SO bummed I didn't get any pictures.

Embry and Ford playing at the Harts house

Park time with Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Jon

Grampa and Gramma Great with their great grands 


Watching and feeling the rain with Eliot 

FaceTime with Mimi 

Silly sweetie pie

Putting lovey in his high chair 

Jacob sent me this picture when I was at the gym one morning. E has been helping him pick out his shirt and tie each morning and wanting them on. 

She loved watching the video of herself doing the "glasses" song last week 

Then she realized Mommy wasn't wearing makeup in the video , so I needed lipstick on ;)

She loves her strawberries!

FroYo with Eliot 

ALL day Tuesday she wouldn't let these two hair brushes down. They came on all our errands and even our play date. Haha. 

Fire Safety Day at the Library 

Snot nosed cutie

Despite not being very chatty, she sure knows what we're saying. At dinner she leaned and bumped her head on the table and I let her come sit in my lap. She kept letting out fake little squawks so I would cuddle her more. Well I said- Oh Jacob she sure has me eating out of the palm of her hand, huh? And Embry sat up and obviously put her palm right up to my mouth. Little smarty pants. 

Snoozing girl

She was SO sweaty when I moved the pillow off her head

At the library 

She loves this piece of art outside the library 

Two skinned knees 


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