Sunday, July 6, 2014

Everything Embry: Summer Vacation Edition

We kicked off our vacation by packing up and heading to Austin for two nights on Saturday June 28! We stayed with Jacob's parents and were able to attend a family pool party they were throwing with extended aunts, uncles and cousins. Sunday we spent time at two parks and then had two friends and their toddlers (E's age) over to swim. So fun! 

Playing with baby Lux

Swimming Sunday morning.... in her PJs

Park with Kiki

The pool girl ;)

More park fun with E-Pa

Kiki and E-Pa

Embry, Nolan, and Morgan =)

I feel like I can't write about Sunday without mentioning horrible news we received about a very good family friend, Philip Lutzenkirchen, who died in a car accident. My dad's best friend from high school also has three girls and a boy and we've stayed close with them over the years. I'm particularly close with the "sisters" and I was lucky enough to attend the BCS National Championship game in January 2011 where I got to watch Philip and the Auburn Tigers with the championship. He passed away early Sunday morning, so despite having an amazing vacation, we had a lot of sad, reflective moments as well. My dad left for two days to fly to be with the family and attend the services and luckily the memorial service was streamed live so we were all able to watch. Philip was an amazing, caring, godly person who is very missed by many people. 

Monday morning we left bright and early to head to Rockport, TX. Our condo in South Padre with my family didn't start until Tuesday, but Jacob, Embry, and I went a day early to go visit Jacob's half brother and half sister who are currently living in Rockport. It also cut the six hour drive from Austin to South Padre in half! We had a great day with Blake and Kayce and had two fantastic seafood meals and had fun playing at the beach and at our hotel pool. 

Kicking off vacation right with Round Rock donuts!

Lunch on Aunt Kayce's lap 

Fun with Uncle Blake and Aunt Kayce 

Embry's luxurious vacation digs ;) Don't worry she had her own room in South Padre at our condo!

Playing on the beach 

Building a castle with Uncle Blake 

Dinner at the Boiling Pot

Tuesday morning we got up bright and early and had breakfast in our hotel and headed the three hours down to our final destination, South Padre Island! We shared a condo at Suntide 3 with the Harts (Ruthie, Jon and Ford) and my parents, Tomi and James had a condo right next door. We also had 20 or so other family friends also at Suntide 3, so that was fun! We had a great week of spending time at the beach, the pool, out to a seafood buffet one night, a trip to the Turtle Rescue, and lots of fun with family and friends. We all had such a fun week! Thank you so much to Mimi and Papa for our wonderful vacation!

Headed to the Padre!!!!!!!!!!

Crossing the bridge to the island! 

First nap at the condo! 

Snack time in Mimi and Papa's condo!

View from our balcony!

E loves her Papa

Papa and his grands!

Pure heaven for all four!

Having so much fun with Mimi

Swinging with "Aunt" Amalia and Aunt Tomi

Beach fun with Papa

And Daddy!

Rudy and Ford!

Cousin baths daily, they always ended up laughing at each other in the tub

On our second day Embry tripped over a door threshold running from the outdoor pool to the indoor pool and fell SO hard. It was VERY scary, I am just so glad she didn't bust any teeth =/ She cried for about 90 seconds then was fine. She still has a scab on her forehead and nose. 

Lots of good 2 and 3 hour naps at the beach!

One of my favorite cousin pictures EVER! 

E's blowup pool was key at the beach. She did much better than I thought with the sand, but still liked to be able to rinse off her hands in the pool water. 

Snax with Daddy 

Patriotic girlie

"Helping" the men play bocci

Cousin hugs 

And smooches

Learning to pose with her hands on her hips

Sea Turtle Inc! Love this place!

Cutest brother ever! Uncle James

Embry said "TURTLE" clearly when we walked in! 

Part of our turtle gang!

Family selfies 

She did not love feeding Kale to the big turtle, Jerry

Popsicles with Fordy boy

E and Amalia

Beach babe

She loves this little doll and kept carrying her around in her dress. I liked to think she was exercising her right to breastfeed her baby in public ;)

Dancing and posing on the beach

Me and my hubby =)

Embry snapping our picture


Favorite little doll

My little family 

Sisters and babies! It's so fun raising babies with sisters =)

Rocking lovey on our balcony one morning 

Burying barbies and dolls in the sand, just how Jacob expected the beach would be ;)

Cheeto puffs on the beach

Our condo! Suntide 3

The whole gang!

Love how close my family is and love vacationing with them!

Two very lucky babies and their Papa and Mimi

Can't believe we've been married almost 5 years! 

The original six Fannings, doing the shotski! Mmmm Fireball whiskey! 

Jello shots with my dad

Fourth of July 2013 and 2014

How big are Ford and Embry? SOOOOO big! 

We don't love our brother or anything ;)

Last morning on the beach with Papa

So fun with a Barbie and Aunt Tomi

Daddy timeeeee

We got up early this morning after E had a restless night last night (very congested and running a fever this morning) and embarked on the 9+ hour drive home. I cannot sing my toddlers praises enough!!! Okay, so maybe I should be praising our DVD player in our new car, but oh my gosh, she didn't make a peep the whole drive. We made great timing on the six hour drive to Austin to pick up Athena from Jacob's parents house. We stopped for about 10 minutes and it was good timing for Embry's nap. She wanted us to turn the DVD player on and I said- No Embry, it's nap time and she put in her paci and put her loveys over her face. Jacob and I were dying. She's the best little scheduled thing and I LOVE it! She napped for about 2.5 hours and our normal drive from Dallas to Austin took us close to 4 hours instead of 3 from holiday traffic. Not that I want to drive another 10 hours straight in the car ANY time soon, but man she was a perfect angel!!! 

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