Sunday, July 27, 2014

Everything Embry: July 27

Dallas Museum of Art

We haven't been to the DMA in a while so we had some free time one morning this week and so off we went. They have a kids area called "Arturo's Nest" that always has different toys out- puzzles, instruments, books, doll houses, animals, puppets, blocks, etc. She always loves the toys in there so we hung there for awhile, then went around looking at the art for a bit. 

She brought me the couch from the doll house and proceeded to try to sit ON it. Haha

Little artist 

Klyde Warren Park & Half Price Book's Birthday Bash

Thursday morning was Half Price Books "birthday" and they were doing a free story time/birthday party at Klyde Warren park downtown. We parked in a free parking garage and rode the McKinney Ave (free) trolley to Klyde Warren and spent a few hours down there. We met a friend with her two girls down there but didn't get any pictures together. E had a ball and really enjoyed riding the trolley, waving to people and cars. Also, we enjoyed treats, free books, and Half Price Book swag for their "birthday". I didn't realize HPB started in Dallas and the one we go to is the flag ship store =) Fun morning and despite falling asleep in the car on our way home, she took a 3 hour nap at home that day! Yay!

Waiting at the trolley stop 

Trolley ride with our shades on

Story time 

"Birthday" treats!

Life sized blocks 

Brought E's swimsuit to change into for the splash park 

Little girl in a big city!

Getting back on the trolley 

It was noon when we got back to the car to head home and she passed out immediately.

Practicing With My Camera

I pulled out my nice camera on two occasions this week to practice with my lighting and settings and stuff. 

Love these PJs. The best things in life are right in front of you. 

Mommy's First Weekend Away

I never dreamed I'd be "that mom" who hasn't been away from her almost two year old for more than 3 or 4 hours, but yup that's me. With breastfeeding for a year and no bottles, I really couldn't be, but I just haven't been ready the past year and a half. Me and my besties from high school planned a girls weekend in San Antonio and I felt ready to leave Embry with Daddy for two days and two nights. I was nervous leading up to it, but seriously had a fabulous time. I left Friday evening and got back Sunday evening. Despite being Miss Listy McListerson, I did not leave Jacob any lists, instructions, clothes or food laid out, etc. He did great, as I knew he would, and tonight keeps talking about how much fun he had. We did Face Time a few times and one time Jacob texted me afterwards saying that Embry said "more", "more" after hanging up with me. Awwwwww. Well I did much better than I thought and wasn't sad one bit and really enjoyed myself. When I got home Sunday, E was very non-chalant (video below), but it was sweet she cried for me to give her her bath. And later, when Jacob took her to bed (which he's done bedtime every single night, no fail) she cried for Mama! So I got a treat and got to put her to bed. Overall it was great for all three of us =)

FaceTime Saturday morning 

Jacob was good about sending me pictures of their day! Off on a morning run. 

Loving on Kelsey

Sharing a pretzel at the mall 

Texts from Jacob ;)


Girls weekend! Rooftop pool at our San Antonio hotel

Mommy's HOME!


She loves helping to water. 

Puppy love ;)

We got a set of ponies at the Dollar Tree and she LOVES them. 

Her ponies kept her busy while grocery shopping 

Pretty hair =)

It's funny how her love of certain toys comes and goes. She loved this dog when Mimi and Papa gave it to her for Christmas but it's been a few months. Now this week, the dog has come with us on walks, on errands, etc. 

We were at a thrift store and she immediately found a doll stroller she pushed around the whole store. Loved when she paused for this sparkly dress. Quite the girly girl 

I've been finding her with the pillow over her head/back all week. 

Daddy's little Dallas Cowboys fan 

I've had this dress for forever and was excited it finally fits her. So cute! (Size 24 months)

Library before story time 

Embry and the Grover Girls (we watched them for an hour one day this week)

Lovey sleep mask 

She loves the giant map book. Like father, like daughter ;)

One afternoon we went swimming at our neighbors house! 

Working on kicks (video below)

Hugs for her dolly 

Our walk (run) home

Checking out the fish at child care for my book study


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