Saturday, May 3, 2014

Everything Embry: May 4

19 Months Old (Outtakes) 

Embry turned 19 months old Thursday. Here are her outtakes from her photo shoots. Yes, two. Tuesday evening after bath we got the dreaded call Jacob would be late from work, so I decided to do her picture. As you can see her hair is so cute and curly after bath. I thought they were cute, but Jacob didn't think any of them looked "like her". So we did more pictures Wednesday.  

Ready to take her own picture. 


Sunday morning we all went to IHOP and then Daddy and E went and ran a bunch of errands =)

Perot Museum with Lauren and Eliot 

Giant water table fun!

She actually played in the sand at the museum. There's hope for our beach vacation! 

The Farmer's Market area at the museum

Toddler Open Gym 

Building a block tower!

No tower is complete without Minnie on top, right?

Singing the "glasses" song at the library!

Thursday we went to another story time at Northpark Mall with some friends. 

Riding in the cart with her dolly 

She bee-lined right for the Minnie clothes at Wal-Mart


As usual we spent a good part of our week outside...especially last Sunday. After breakfast and running errands with Embry, Jacob spent most of the day in the yard doing all of our spring planting, weeding, mulching, etc... Embry and I ate lunch and dinner out there and spent a good deal of time in between (minus her 3 hour nap, yay!) outside as well. 

Playing with her new doll stroller outside

Lunch al fresco watching Daddy do yardwork 

Post nap, crazy hair

Blowing bubbles and eating dinner outside

All of Jacob's hard work =)

Little Miss looks like she's up to no good here ;)

We have a park we like to stop at on Mondays on our way home from Kroger =) 

She was in the funniest mood Tuesday afternoon outside...dancing the day away

Kisses for Athena

Hanging with Lauren and Eliot 

One of my favorite pictures...Eliot taking her hand to walk her over to see the rainbow in the sprinklers....oh melt my heart

Feeding Lovey a bottle

Sidewalk chalk 

Realizing her hands are dirty..... 

Sweet girl blowing bubbles outside

Sweetest face 


Friday midday Embry and I headed to Austin and hitched a ride with Jacob's Grandpa who came was driving through Dallas from Oklahoma on his way to town. (Jacob met us early Saturday morning). 

Our drive was eventful as we hit traffic outside of Austin and Embry did NOT fair well with the stop and go. She projectile vomited everything she'd eaten that day.... =( Luckily Grandpa was able to pull over and I got her as clean as I could. I ended up turning her car seat forward and sat with her the rest of the ride in the back. Poor girl. 

We're having a great weekend in Austin getting to spend quality time with family and everyone's having fun loving on our girl. =) We'll head home later today. 

Ready to go in Great Grandpa's car

Car nap 

Puke cleaned up, back on the road and feeling good

Out to dinner, playing with E-Pa

Playing with the big kids 

A favorite toy at Kiki and E-Pa's (a dress up bear)

Despite being hot out, the pool water is still chilly! She loved putting her feet in the water though =)

Hula Hooping with E-Pa

Playing with Auntie Sam

We spent the afternoon at a splash park near by 

Embry and Kiki 

Sliding with Daddy 

Her hair did a hilarious natural George Washington curl after the splash park =)

Catching rays with Daddy 

Three generations =)

Relaxing with Great G-Pa


Minnie central! 

Kissing her Minnie doll at breakfast

Pushing Minnie around 

Sweet girl sleeping with her loveys and her dolly 

One day after nap she didn't want out of bed, she just wanted books in her crib. 

She's getting really good at dressing herself

Pretty shirt and bows from Kiki =)

Naked makeup 

One of her chores =) feeding Athena


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