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Everything Embry: May 11

Austin Continued...

We spent the rest of Sunday morning with Jacob's family in Austin. Kathleen and I were up early with Embry (who didn't sleep well our whole trip, boo!!!) and we walked to a neighborhood park where Embry had a ball. We had a good brunch before hitting the road home. We strategically plan our drives around either naptime or bedtime. We hit the road and popped in to spend 45 minutes with my family at Taco Cabana in Georgetown about twenty minutes into our drive where they were at one of James' basketball tournaments. It was perfect, we got to visit, let Embry run around a bit (when she'd let Mimi put her down) and stall until 12:30 pm. When we left and pried Embry out of Mimi's arms (she was telling me NO and crying and clinging to Mimi) Embry was asleep within seconds and slept the ENTIRE 2.5 hour drive home. I'm talking we were exiting the highway when she woke up. It was blissful! It was so nice to be home with the afternoon to unpack, run errands, and settle in at home after a fun weekend in Austin. 

Sliding to Kiki

Four generations + Mark

Four generations. Wonder where Embry gets her long legs? ;)

Baby long legs!

E-Pa and Embry

Sleepy girl....always has to have her loveys on her head in some way

Cinco de Mayo

Besides eating tacos for dinner that night, the only thing we did to celebrate Cinco de Mayo was dress Embry accordingly! Thanks to Mimi for the Mexican dress! 

Loves coloring, Mickey and Minnie especially 

Went through a car wash. She wasn't too sure at first. 

Two senoritas =)

We got a new Minnie flap book- two of her very favorite things!

Reading her Minnie book 


We are just loving this weather! We basically are living outside since before too long, it's going to be SO hot! Already it's pretty hot in the afternoons, but it's so nice the mornings and evenings are nice and cool. 

Just got home from Austin, how much watermelon can I shovel in!

Collecting acorns 

Epitome of summer- skinned knees and watermelon face!

Love this picture- Athena was hunting squirrels from our neighbors driveway and Embry went over and put her hand on her sweet. 

Ready to play with my water table =)

Digging in the....driveway?

Rock collecting in our neighbors driveway

Daddy just loves that Embry loves to pick all the berries out of his holly bushes.... ;)

Someone on a Facebook group I'm a part of was getting rid of this lawn mower for FREE =) We'll take it!

Using an acorn as a phone haha

She loves her pup!


Sweetest girl 

Crazy Storms

We had been preparing for crazy storms on Thursday afternoon all week. We planned on hanging around the house, but I had to get out to Costco Thursday morning. Not a good day to pick to have to buy 40 lb dog food bag, box of 200 diapers, a box of 1200 wipes, toilet paper and a ton of other stuff. Anyway, after coming home and peeling off my sopping wet clothes we stayed inside the rest of the day. Sure enough we had flash flood warnings and tornado warnings all afternoon. Even the tornado sirens went off, something I will never get used to after never living in a place with them before! At one point the sirens were blaring, my phone was going off with warnings and loud beeps, and our security system was shouting warnings and beeps! Luckily Embry was oblivious and we didn't have any damage. Some neighbors lost some trees, but luckily we were spared. Gotta love May in Dallas, always crazy! 

We played in our interior hallway and luckily we never had to get into the closet. (I had the news going and knew no tornadoes were TOO close by)

I love this series of pictures...she was so into talking on her cell phone. In a world of her own!

Our flooded carport

Mother's Day Weekend...Part One...

One of the many things I love about Jacob is he always does holidays and birthdays all out! (And yet never, ever makes a big deal about things for himself). We are celebrating Mother's Day all weekend. Yesterday we got up and Jacob made an amazing breakfast and headed out to the Farmer's Market. We came home and E took a rock star nap and when she got up we went out to a late lunch, early dinner to mama's favorite, Chuys! We're going out to breakfast this morning and this evening Jacob is grilling some fabulous steaks! 

Listening to live music at the Farmer's Market

She got beads for tipping the jazz band ;)

She loves all kinds of fruit! Can you blame her?

Flowers and fruit

Lovey had to come into the Farmer's Market for us.... hah

She also found a new love...kettle corn!

Chuys! Yay!

She loved the umbrella on my watermelon margarita 

Love my girl!

She loved the creamy JALEPENO dip. This girl....!!!

Feeding Daddy 


After offering it to her countless times over the past few months, she's decided she likes peanut butter afterall!

Play Doh at 8:00 am, gotta love it

Reading alone, I love it!

Something she hasn't done in awhile, fall asleep while running errands (11:45 am)

Truth be told, I only wash E's hair 1-2 times a week. After her hair washing on Monday I realized when her hair air-dries  it's very.... mullet like

Cleaning with Daddy- although Embry is using the small broom as a hair brush hahahah

After washing her hair, her little George Washington curl came back out! So cute and funny!

"It takes some happy friends, to make a happy song...." 

Nap time with loveys and Minnie =)
It was another one of our neighbors birthdays this week, so e&e made cupcakes for him =)

Lauren and I made two little runt cupcakes for e&e to eat after all of their hard work. 

Jacob's been very busy at work lately and worked late all week. One evening Embry was over Mommy and wanted to watch TV and I wouldn't let her. (The day we were stuck inside with the rain all day, so we had already watched plenty!)

Feeding Daddy a bottle 

It was our last week of MOPS this week. Once again E went running into her classroom! She also SCREAMED and clapped when we pulled into the parking lot. She loves her "school". 

This week I attended an "Encouraging Young Readers" class and one suggestion was to give kids books in bed, even after mom or dad read to them. I gave her a few books in her crib for nap and she read for a few minutes and fell asleep. So cute. 

Feeding her baby in Target

This hair kills me. Her "George Washington" curl comes back after nap sometimes.

I had a fun girls night at a country western dance club on Friday night. This old man hit up our table of hot moms and took his turn with each of us....hahah 

He then wanted to pose for pictures with each of us.... creepy!


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