Sunday, May 18, 2014

Everything Embry: May 18

Blood Clot Scare

For the past few  weeks my left leg has been feeling very odd. I was having all of the same sensations, pains, and tingling as 20 months ago when I had my blood clot. I waited a few weeks thinking it was in my head, but after mentioning it a few times to Jacob and my mom and sisters, they urged me to get it looked at. I called my hematologist and his nurse called me back and told me to get to the ER immediately. I asked if I could go to an imagining center like I did before and get a Doppler done and they weren't too happy about it and told me I should really go to the hospital. I told her we didn't have great insurance and if I couldn't find a cheaper way around it, I would. I called my OBGYN's office and spoke to a nurse. She also thought I should go to the Emergency Room but I told her we're already rolling in medical bills from my husbands cancer and the last thing we needed was an ER bill. She spoke to my doctor who agreed to write me an order for a Doppler test at an imagining center ASAP. By that point it was almost 5 pm. My friend and neighbor, Lauren, came immediately to watch Embry and Jacob left work to meet me. 

It was the same imaging center that my first blood clot was diagnosed at and I even had the same technician. When we were there before we had just found out very bad news about Embry and all of the emotions flooded me. When Jacob walked in minutes after I arrived I completely broke down. It was also the same imaging center where they did an ultrasound on Jacob's testicle and hours later we found out it was cancer. So needless to say, this little office holds some very strong and emotional memories for us. 

I was certain it was a blood clot and that I was going to be hospitalized that night and have to spend my first night away from Embry (and might have been bawling my eyes out about being away from her....) But after the Doppler, they made me wait for immediate results and after twenty minutes we were cleared to go, which meant no clot! I started bawling again and hugged the technician, who obviously was not used to being hugged by patients.... Anyway,I followed up with my OBGYN the next day who also let me know the scan was clear. I will be following up with my hematologist next week to hopefully get some answers as to why my leg is feeling this way. I hate that I think about it every day of my life and have to wonder if one is back. I would like to be put more at ease, if possible. (Which it just may not be possible)

Mother's Day Continued....

Mother's Day morning I slept in and woke up to lots of treats. Flowers, balloon, an entire carrot cake (my fave) and chocolate covered strawberries. Oh and two sweet cards from Jacob and Embry. I also got a gift card to go get a massage, heavenly! I chose to go out to Cracker Barrel as we've kind of been on a pancake kick the past few weeks. We both agree Cracker Barrel's are number one! The rest of the day we relaxed, Jacob actually had to go into work for a few hours for a big hearing he had Monday, and late afternoon me and my friend Lauren went and got pedicures together =). That evening Jacob grilled steaks and we had a fabulous summer meal. I can't believe I've had two Mother's Days with my girl! Time's flying. 

Even Embry agreed they had the best pancakes!

Embry quite enjoyed a chocolate covered strawberry herself.... haha

Mother's Day 2013 and 2014

Babies and Food

If Embry's week could be summed up into two words, it'd be babies and food. She spent all of her play time at home this week caring for her babies and playing in her kitchen, and a lot of times, feeding her babies the food. I have "eaten" so many fake donuts and eggs this week I can't even count. Watching and listening to her in her kitchen is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Oh and there's a picture thrown in of Embry and an actual baby! Lauren was keeping a friends three little ones one afternoon this week and we went over to help. Embry was enamored with baby Charlotte and held her for a long time. Then she'd keep coming up to me and wanting me to let go of the baby and her to hold her while standing. Hah!

First Pigtails

Yes, her first set of pigtails deserves a whole section on a blog post, right? Let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight getting them in her hair (imagine me holding her down, kicking screaming, etc...) but the end result couldn't have been cuter.  That morning we went to Toddler Open Gym at the "faraway gym", the one with lots of fun trampolines, etc. and her hair held up quite well =) 


My little hippie girl

Her doll came along to the park one afternoon. =)

She loves marching lately

She actually wanted to swing for about 60 seconds. She has been on a swing hating kick lately. 

Friday morning Embry had her doll in the stroller and I asked if she was taking her to the park...well Embry screamed and went and stood by the door, so off to the park we went.

My favorite 3 year old and my favorite 1 year old =)

We picked Eliot up from school Friday and E loved spending the extra time with her boyfriend =)

How YOU doin?

Farmer's Market =)

Mommy's send off committee for Girls Night Saturday Night =)

Sleeping Pictures

I have an obsession with pictures of Embry sleeping. Like I pretty much sneak into her room during nap every day and snap one. When I look in our video monitor and can tell she's looking extra cute I can't help myself. I love how she always has things draped over her face. And she's starting to want to take more and more stuff to bed each day. 

One night before I went to bed I peeked in and she was holding her dolls hand, too sweet.

Quick Visit From E-Pa

Yesterday, E-Pa stopped by for a quick visit while he was in Dallas for a golf tournament. He spent about an hour with us Saturday morning after we got back from the Farmer's Market. Embry was very happy to see him and have another person to play with!

Magnadoodle with E-Pa

Strawberries =)


FaceTime with Mimi showing E some Mickey cards she found =)

Uh oh, drinking Mommy's iced coffee

Bedtime with Daddy

Tuesday morning I kept a friends daughter while she ran her others to the doctor. E had fun hosting a friend =)

Post nap chaos! 

Eating lasagna I made this week. Finally she will eat a red sauce, she's refused to try any sort of pasta besides mac 'n cheese until this week. 

Daddy was thrilled when she got into his LSAT prep books and was "studying" ;) Maybe some day they'll have Higgins and Higgins Law Firm

Bubbles at story time

Reading to Athena 

Picking up Eliot at school

Wanting to sit in her chair, on Eliot's lap...hah

I love this, Eliot and Embry sitting watching a show and Embry playing with her baby doll 

She loves seeing KD (Mimi and Papa's cat) on FaceTime

And of course, her Mimi!

Coloring with Daddy

Reasons my toddler is crying: the car seat is not in Daddy's car like it should be. 


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