Sunday, January 5, 2014

Everything Embry: January 5

Happy New Years

Happy New Years to all! To say we celebrated would be stretching...Jacob had to work NYE and I kept our neighbor, Eliot, for a few hours. We had a normal evening and neither of us made it up until midnight. Oh the joys of having a (early rising) toddler. 

Jacob had the morning off of work, but actually had to work a few hours in the afternoon on a few big hearings for later in the week. We went to lunch as a family before Jacob headed into the office, then, Embry and I spent some of the afternoon at the neighborhood park and counted down until Daddy came home from work. 


Watching the forklift at Costco, oh so fun. 

Pizza for lunch!

Reading while.....stepping on Athena.... 
Enough toys in the tub?

Ready to party on NYE!!!

New Years Day breakfast- using our new waffle maker from Grandma Gordon

E's eczema seems to be flaring these days. 

Egg roll, yum.

Her new favorite spot in the house, her chair from Mimi and Papa 

Already breaking the rules, climbed up the slide on her own...

Champagne toasts on New Years!

January 1 was E's 15 month "birthday"

What a difference a year makes! (Three months was one of my favorite of her monthly pics)


Monday afternoon I got some scary news while I was at the grocery store. Three neighbors called me within 2 minutes and my knees went weak. A house on our street was up in flames. The family, a mom and four daughters, all got out okay (three of the four girls were home) but they lost everything, literally everything. 

I spent part of the week utilizing local moms groups, MOPS, neighborhood groups, etc. to help raise money and donations for the family. I have received a crazy amount of donations, it's been wonderful. The family has been by each day to pick stuff up, and each day we've filled their van. 

Click here to see the local ABC News story on the family. 

New Toys

We spent a lot of time at home this week playing with new Christmas toys!  A new game is hiding things such as loveys, cups, etc.... in her new kitchen. Funny videos below....

Playing in Mommy's new basket from Kiki and E-Pa!

Her new kitchen from Mommy and Daddy has been a big hit!

Her music box from Great Gram and Papa Fanning from last year. 

Loving her dolly from Santa 

Play food galore!

Make up vanity 

Magnadoodle concentration 

We exchanged a few multiple toys she received for this cleaning set! 

So proud!
One of Mommy and Daddy's new toys! Jacob made waffles Sunday morning on our new waffle iron.

Cuddling with her lovey in the "oven"

Playing with her magnetic "paper" dolls from the Harts


Embry's never ending cold, is flaring yet again! New Years Day her cough started back up yet again. Wednesday night she had a bad nights sleep, up crying because of the coughing we think. Also, she started to actually cut one of her many teeth that are coming in that day. 

Thursday she didn't nap great during the day and was just so clingy. By the evening I was spent and Jacob was working late. Embry ended up pooping in the tub and I just grabbed her and took her to the kitchen to bathe her. After I got her into pajamas she was crying so hard she ended up throwing up all over herself, me and the hallway. =( Of course, the tub was still full of dirty water....I just stripped us both down and called Jacob home crying. Man, it was a rough hour or so. Luckily, she never threw up again and got a good nights sleep that night.

Friday night she had another restless night. Ugh. Hoping she shakes this cold once and for all! She finally got a 12+ hour night sleep last night (of course I'm jinxing it now I'm sure....) but she seems is such good spirits today!

One of her restless nights she ended up falling asleep sitting up.....

So of course I had to sneak in and take a picture, despite it being 2:00 am.....

Lots of snuggles this week


Best sisters

Sister smooches

My favorite gift I gave this Christmas... Gave Jacob a drawing of our home! 

E was cheering on the Pack for her Great Gram and Papa

Mommy's little helper

Her latest favorite book... 

Onesie from Aunt Tomi

Playing in the backyard 

Blackberries are a new favorite around here!

Oh the real tears turn on so quick! She wanted to hold the remote control....

Ready for Valentine's Day in her new outfit from Grandma Gordon 

Reading in her chair

Sweetest girl

The left picture is her on Thanksgiving in 2012. Ruthie found the same outfit in 18 months =)

Busy taking notes.....

Library book time. One day we just had to get out of the house so went up to read at the library.
The morning after the poop/puke incident Jacob got a flat tire going to work.... oh joy!

Waiting for the tow truck with Mommy

Feeding her lamb baby =)

She can sure get on the tears lately....

Gassing up her car

She loves her coupe 

Mimi and Papa's ottoman opens and holds all her toys at their house....sometimes she gets SO sad ours doesn't open......... So pitiful....

Reading Daddy a bedtime story....


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