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Everything Embry: January 19

Roller Coaster of Emotions

We have had one of those weeks that take me back to the end of my pregnancy and early on in Embry's life...That we will remember forever. This past Tuesday Jacob went to his primary care doctor for an annual physical and to check on a concerning enlarged testicle. We were worried, but hadn't been frightened at the thought. He was immediately sent for an ultrasound and had some blood work done. Wednesday Jacob received a phone call from a doctor at Medical City Hospital who wanted to see us in person immediately for results. She has reason to believe from a physical exam and the ultrasound that it is some form of testicular cancer. She wanted to do surgery quickly to remove the whole thing. We scheduled the surgery for early Thursday morning and called in "our troops"...Jacob's parents came immediately. The surgery went well on Thursday...a pathologist in the OR gave his opinion that is is cancer, but we will find out the actual pathology Wednesday January 22. Jacob also had a CAT scan done Wednesday night and the results indicate that there are not other masses in other parts of his body. 

Jacob has done great since the surgery, and actually went to court for a quick hearing Friday morning at 9:00 am, 24 hours after surgery. He's not the best patient....doesn't like to be waited on or fawned over, wants to hold 24 pound Embry, etc... but he's doing great. He's still sore, but is ready to get back to work Monday (technically he's back at his office already today!). Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes, messages, prayers, etc. It has been a very surreal week and things haven't really sunk in quite yet.  

Cuddling with Daddy when he got settled in bed at home. 

E-Pa and Embry

The girls headed out to the park Friday afternoon

It was a beautiful Saturday and Jacob felt up to walking (slowly) around the Dallas Arboretum. 

Jacob's parents, Grandpa, and E and J
(Sidenote: Mark, Kathleen and Grandpa were already scheduled to come in town to celebrate Kathleen's birthday this weekend, so everyone ended up staying the weekend despite the craziness of our week)

Enjoying a dinner out for Kiki's birthday Saturday night. Yes, Jacob is such a trooper! 

E-Pa, Kiki, G-Pa and Embry

Embry's new "smile" (video below)

15 Month Well Check

In the craziness of the week, Embry had her 15 month well check and shots. She's right on track developmentally and put on a show for her doctor. My one concern was her lack of speaking any actual words, and my doctor reassured me, she's totally fine. They like to see 3-5 words, or symbols, which she definitely has with sign language. The more important thing is their understanding of words. My doctor gave an example of, if you ask her to go get her shoes would she do it, and in the exam room, Embry was barefoot, she heard the doctor, squatted down, pointed to her feet and looked at me and gave me the "where are they" sign with her hands. My doctor laughed and said, she's right where she needs to be.

Her stats.... (from all her well checks!)

2 Months
Weight: 13 pounds 2.5 ounces (>95%)
Height: 24.5 inches (>95%)

4 Months
Weight: 15 pounds 9.5 ounces (93%)
Height: 26.5 inches (>95%)

6 Months
Weight: 17 pounds 14 ounces (88%)
Height: 28 inches (>95%)

9 Months
Weight: 20.0 pounds (75%)
Height: 29 inches (93%)

12 Months
Weight: 22.0 pounds (70%)
Height: 31 inches (95%)

15 Months
Weight: 24.2 pounds (70%)
Height: 32.25 inches (95%)

***At 15 months Mommy was 20 pounds (10%)  and 29.25 inches (25%)! We don't know Daddy's stats, but we can assume they were high! Hah!

Prettiest girl! 

Shots take a lot out of ya! 

The Rest of our Week...

Last weekend, playing outside

Helping Daddy with yardwork

Playing on her Kindle 

We had dreamy outside playing weather this week. This girl loves the outdoors.

I finally made some Christmas exchanges at Northpark Mall...can't go there without visiting the ducks and turtles!

FaceTime with Ford!

Tuesday morning we joined the city rec centers (which get us into about 10 of them) and Tuesday and Thursdays the new one right by our house has a nice Toddler Open Gym! We met a friend there for some fun. Our girls were the only ones there! 

Embry and Sophie having a bounce house meeting ;)

Bed head! This girl loves carrying this picture around. 

Giant baby! 

My two girls rarely leave my side during the day.

She accidentally plopped her hand into the water bowl....and wasn't happy about it!

I bought this yummy greek yogurt spinach dip E was obsessed with! Dipping bell peppers! 

And eventually eating it with a spoon!

Playing with a get well balloon for Daddy!

One of my new favorite pictures of Miss Embry

Sweet napping girl with her four loveys

This series of 4 pictures describes most of her play time...hiding something in her kitchen.....

And asking where it went!! Then clapping for herself when she finds it!


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