Sunday, January 12, 2014

Everything Embry: January 12

The Morning Nap Saga

All I had to do was write on Embry's 15 month update that she is "showing NO signs of giving up morning nap" to have her prove me wrong. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she played during her morning nap. I've decided to still lay her in her crib during "morning nap time" and am totally fine if she doesn't nap, but I'd like it to still be crib time...or eventually room time. I have a friend who gave me that recommendation and her girls are almost 4 and 6 and they still do their room time. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she ended up falling asleep before naptime, but I hear it's a long transition period. Thursday she slept during her morning nap, I think because she got up early that day. Friday she didn't nap in the morning and we went to MOPS and they said she did great! 

Monday mid morning

Tuesday mid morning
Wednesday at noon..... She had HAD it!

Wednesday at 12:25... passed out on me. I rushed her to her crib! 

Playing, Playing, Playing....

This is how we spend most of our week...especially rainy, cold weeks like this one. Lots of playing with our ever growing toy collection! Love watching her play, play, play!

Her kitchen is still a big hit!

Pushing lovey around the driveway

Still loves her dollies 

And her fur sister =)

My girl 

Pulling her puppy around 

How you doinnnnn?

She wanted her tunnel back out this week, hadn't been out in a while and it stayed out a few days....she LOVES crawling through it! Hah!

I kept a friends two girls for a few hours... we made forts and E just loved it! 

Studying her animals.

Playing with Belle =)

Helping Daddy with some yard work =)


Cuddling with Daddy and her snow globe 

Battling diaper rash this week (finally saying no more blueberries...they always bother her bottom) she got a few midday sink baths to soak in water and baking soda...

She goes through phases and is back on the kissing train! 

We've cleared off Jacob's Kindle Fire and loaded it with some baby/toddler learning games


She sure loves clapping, especially for herself. 

E and Daddy

Playing at Eliot's...borrowed his coat and hat

My two girlies

One morning she cried to get up and Jacob went to get her...she didn't want to get out of her crib... she was content to read alone for a little. 

Sweetest girl 

She's perfected the over the shoulder model pose =)

Mushroom risotto was a big hit! 

Her new gold shoes! Headed to MOPS!

This new squishy smile just kills me! Hah!

Saturday we did a Hibachi grill for lunch.

Broccoli =)

Wonder where E gets her long legs from??? Hah!


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