Sunday, November 10, 2013

Everything Embry: November 10


Sunday morning we took E to the Dallas Arboretum and met up with Eliot and his dad. We had fun just moseying around and letting the kids run around. 

Smelling the flowers!

Portrait Remake

When I found out I was having a girl, my mom pulled out a box of keepsakes from my childhood. She saved every outfit I had a portrait made in, lots of baby outfits, the gown I wore home from the hospital (that my dad wore in 1963 and Embry wore) and that included this little dress. My one year picture is one of my favorites and I love this little dress! I got a really good deal at JC Penny and gave it a go. I was not super impressed, to say the least, but we got a few decent shots. Embry had WAY more fun with me chasing her around the store while waiting for our CD to burn....hah.

Outdoor Play

Despite having 2 or 3 rainy days, we still managed to play outside a lot. When the rain would stop for a few minutes and we were home, we'd bolt outside to get in some acorn and rock collecting..... 

Rock collecting

Love this model baby =)

Mimi brought back this adorable dress back from her trip to Mexico last month! (Side note: our trip to Mexico in June, I bought $30 worth of souvenirs in the airport, mainly for Embry and I left them ALL on the plane. A Mexican doll, a dress, an ornament. Yup.)

Acorn hunting! 

Waving bye to a neighbor that stopped to talk to us. 

Love this little hand. And I love her little collecting tendencies. 

Eliot had a day off school this week so Lauren and I took the kids to lunch and a new park! 

So fun!

Watching the big kids play!

She got up there all by herself from running around the playground. 

Queen of the castle!
Mean Mommy wouldn't let her go in the street.

Our little collector

Happy about her new headband
Playing outside after MOPS (She cried for the first time when I dropped her off! Her teachers told me she calmed right down and had a great time)

Conner Elementary Fall Festival

Me and a few neighborhood moms have started to volunteer at our neighborhood elementary school. It needs a lot of work. No one I know sends their kids there, it's mainly apartment kids from surround areas who attend. There's a new principal there this year who is determined to get the school up to par. I attended a meeting with the principal this week to see specifically what I can do to volunteer. Friday was the school's Fall Festival, so Lauren and I took the two kiddos! It was not like any other Fall Festival I've been to in the suburbs, but we had fun! =)

Getting a picture of two toddlers is difficult

Pretty girl watching the big kids!


Saturday afternoon Embry and I headed to Austin for the week! Jacob will meet us next Friday, but we are spending the week seeing family and friends =) We stayed last night at the Harts house and had some good family time! Love getting the two babies together!!

Grabbing Theenie's ears

Silly girl

Sleepy sisters

Mimi, Papa and their grands

Enjoying the Harts new patio furniture and fire pit =)

Mimi has her hands full

All bundled in their sleep sacks

Sleepy girl

Pumpkin pancakes at the Harts

Mr. Ford flirting with his auntie


A family I used to babysit for had a new baby girl 3 weeks ago. We went to visit, deliver a few goodies and when we put the girls together to snap a picture, Embry insisted on smooching sweet Colette. 

Totally unprompted snuggles. My sweet girl!

She hasn't done this is months. Fell asleep on our way home from visiting the baby and running an errand. 

Aunt Ruthie brought E a gift last week, which she loves... paper dolls! They're so cute, they're magnetic made by Melissa and Doug

New Gap fleece hoodie. I went back and forth about getting her a coat or a nice heavy fleece for winter and finally decided on this. We have a kinda fancy heavy winter coat a neighbor passed onto us. 

Yay for veggie burgers

Embry, party of one! 

This big box we got from Costco this week was a big source of entertainment. 

Daddy and Emmy's smiley eyes

More playing in the box 

She took it upon herself to give lots of kisses to our friend Mason at the library this week. She can't help it when a baby or child is sitting on the's like an open invitation to her to smooch!

Embry's treasures. At this point there was a pumpkin, a dump truck, my socks, a doll and a play doll crib. 

Miss DRAMATIC. Her cart wouldn't roll onto her plush rug in her room....and she was NOT happy about it. Did someone say nap time??

Luckily she woke up from nap much happier!

Playing in Embry's Halloween costumes

Playing on our bed...hah

Love/Hate relationship.

First time to brush her teeth. Speaking of teeth, her fourth tooth came in this week!

And this is why her loveys heads have come off....she pulls them out through the crib slats. 

Her first ponytail
We got her first toothbrush this week

So happy when she gets up!

Saturday with Daddy! Daddy and Emmy went and ran errands together Saturday before we left




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