Sunday, November 17, 2013

Everything Embry: November 17

We are all in Austin! Embry and I have been here all week and Jacob met us this weekend. We have cousin Ford's dedication today and then will head home. We had a fun week, with of course, lots of pictures! 

Play Dates Galore

We had lots of play dates while in town. 

Embry, Ford and Eloise (9 mo)

Melaya and Embry (8 days apart!)

Avery (6 weeks) and Ford (13 weeks)

Erin and I have been friends since middle school and were college roommates! Our girls were born one year and one day apart =) 

Avery at 6 weeks old still isn't up to Embry's birth weight! 

Fun play date with McNeil High School babies! So many people we graduated with had Fall 2012 babies!

Embry (13 months), Morgan (12 months), Nolan (15 months), Sophie (16 months)

Definitely makes us want to move back to Austin to hang with this crew more!
Embry and another Avery, in from Savannah, GA!

E, 13 months. Avery, 7 months.

Avery's daddy, Matt, and Jacob have been friends for 15 years

Our friend Dan, who Jacob's known since Kindergarten, got in on the baby action, despite having none of his own =)

James' Basketball Games

We got to see two of James' basketball games while in town. Tuesday night was the season opener! They had a tournament Thursday-Saturday that was about 45 min away, so we only went to one game Friday. It was hilarious to see E's girly side come out. At first, she was really into warm-ups and loved staring at Uncle James. All that changed when the cheerleaders set up shop right in front of us. She was obsessed with their pom-poms and watching them do their cheers. Too cute. 

I'll just take these with me....

On cloud 9 with the cheer leaders

James' game day get up! 

The sweetest uncle around!

Playing with Papa

Cousin Lovin'

We got lots of good Ford time while in town. Wish we lived closer to see them every week!

My happy little man! 

Mimi, Papa, and their grands 

Me and E smooching Fordy boy

F turned 3 months this week. Always love seeing their comparisons. 

Two cutie pies 

E wearing one of Ford's cloth diapers
Always up for smooching Ford

Cloth diaper booties


My parents Sport Court may be her new favorite play spot! Especially with her stroller she has here. 

Such a true shirt =)

She loves her Papa

Claire came in from Seattle to meet the babes =)

Can't wait to decorate for Christmas! She was intrigued by the trees at Kohls

More snuggles with Papa 

Favorite pastime at Mimi and Papa's! 

First bubble bath!

Cuddles with Uncle James before school 

We went to story time at Mimi's library 

Ladies who lunch

FaceTime with Daddy

Playing at the park near Ruthie and Jon's house

Going down the big slide all by herself!

My parents have their bouncer out for Ford and Embry has claimed it as her own. She loves sitting in it!

Naked bouncing 

Cooking with Mimi


Bothering Athena

Running from Papa!! She loves when Papa "gets her toes"

One of my favorite pics! E-Pa, Oscar, and Kiki enjoying E's bath 

Playing with her toys with Kiki and Great Grandma Gordon 

Kicking around in the pool with Mimi
Happy to have Daddy in town

Naked basketball time =)

Helping Athena with her breakfast

Sitting in the bouncey seat, feeding her baby

Mimi gave her two hot chocolate K-Cups to play with....she managed to bite them open and enjoy some chocolate powder....hahah


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