Sunday, July 28, 2013

Embry: 42 Weeks

Embry's Tree

As mentioned in previous posts, the week Embry was born Jacob collected acorns from our favorite tree, our red oak tree. He babied the acorns through the winter and early spring planted them. 

Here are some pictures of Embry at 6.5 months old with her little tree. 

I just love this little pouty face!

And look at the tree now (9.5 months)!  It's seriously huge! Crazy how much it grew in three months!

A Photo Re-Make

I've been pretty good at boxing up her clothes when she outgrows them, but her dresser in her closet that has swim suits, hats, bloomers, socks, etc... is overflowing! Sunday afternoon I did some organizing and Embry helped!

While packing up I found one of my favorite hats of hers and then I remembered one of our all time favorite pictures of her we have framed in our kitchen and I decided to do a little remake. Luckily the hospital sent us home with one blanket and it happened to be the one in the photo so I swaddled her all snug.........and SHE.HATED.IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha! 

Oh Mommy, look at these booties! 

Hating being swaddled....

She's so big I could only (barely) swaddle her arms, the blanket was too small!

Ready for Cousin Hart

I am so happy the day has come that Embry is showing interest in her baby doll. My sisters and I spent probably 80% of our play time playing house when we were little. We played school, barbies and library, but nothing compared to our dolls. 

I was so happy when my parents gifted Embry her first Lee Middleton baby doll for Christmas and she's now into playing with it. We joke that she's now ready for her cousin to arrive. Yeah, not so much...there's lots of poking, shaking, and squeezing going on... 

Dallas Museum of Art

Friday morning we had plans to go to the Arboretum for Family Fun Fridays, but it was pouring! So we hopped in the car and headed downtown with Lauren and Eliot and headed to the (free!) Dallas Museum of Art. We had taken Embry before and done levels 2, 3, and 4 o the museum and totally missed that there's a kids area, with even a cute 0-3 y/0 area on the first floor. The kiddos had a ball crawling through the tunnel, playing with the puppets, blocks, sensory toys, etc. We'll definitely be going back!

Embry knew exactly what to do- we had got a tunnel the day before at our house!


After the museum we met Jacob for lunch at our new favorite Mexican joint!

Working With Daddy

Saturday morning we were prepping for house guests too arrive and Jacob starting mowing the lawn and had a cheering section. I took Embry outside to watch and she was mesmerized.  Jacob offered to carry her in the hiking backpack and it was one of the cutest things ever. I stood out and watched for a few minutes and kept hearing her squeals of joy every so often. She ended up staying on his back the entire time, almost two full hours!!!!!!! This is definitely going to be a new tradition! I got so much done inside, not having to be quiet due to a napping baby. 

Watching Daddy


Weed eating!

Blowing out the carport, still smiling!

Visit from "Aunties"

Saturday three of my best friends arrived for the weekend! I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but we had fun. We played around the house, then after E's nap we all took her to the splash park. After she went down we went out for a girls dinner which was nice =) 

"Auntie" Ali, "Auntie" Emily, E, Me, and "Auntie" Erin (With Embry's new little bestie Avery on the way!)

Making friends, as usual

Bubble machine with Emily

Being busy Sunday morning

Weekly Sunday morning walk with Daddy


We were shopping at Target, I turned around for a split second and found this...little stinker!

Not even the safety buckle will stop this little munchkin!

Watching Daddy work outside

Mimi and Papa forgot their basket of toys at our house! Score!

TWO lovey bears Mom????

Playing with ValPak much entertainment!

Scrambled eggs are a morning favorite!

Lunch with Auntie Ashli =)

New toy, a $1.00 ball is sooo fun! (Cute video below)

She loves playing with the sodas by our little drink fridge

See through peek-a-boo

She was very serious about story-time!

Shopping girl

Finally caught her "squishy" face on camera!

Favorite pastime....

Caught ya, E!

Having fun at the Apple Store! Who wants to buy E an iPad??

Loved this face she was making!

My little doll shopping! We got stopped by a record number of people gawking at her, I'm sure it was the adorable baby doll dress!

New bath toys (coloring is so funky in this photo!)

New tunnel! Cutest video below of her first time in the tunnel! 

$4.49 clearance at Michael' worth it! 

SOO happy waking up from nap on Friday afternoon!

A local cake ball shop has Happy Hour Friday's, so we had to go check out the cheap cake balls! (Poor Embry had water and crackers instead! Hah!)

Daddy's home!!

Kisses from Athena at the end of the tunnel


Embry wakes up from nap...

Embry and Athena....

Embry and two lovey-bears...

Embry eating breakfast....

Embry giggles with Daddy

Embry and her pink ball (one of the cutest!)

Embry plays peek-a-boo

Embry busy reading

Embry talking at Michael's

Embry and shakes the soda can...

Embry making music...

Embry talking and waving...

Embry and her new tunnel...

Embry being a chatterbox...

Embry being silly...

Embry greeting Daddy...

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