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Embry: 39 Weeks

Home Sweet Home

Monday morning we woke up on Embry's 9 month birthday! Mimi got to help out with her 9 month "chair" pictures! My mom stayed and played until Embry's second nap of the day. We had some more fun and were sad to see her go....but glad we only had to wait a few days to see her again! 

Knocking down Mimi's tower

Birthday Meal 
After a few days away from her toys at the family reunion, she played so great by herself for quite some time! Such a good little independent player!

So great at playing alone!

Monday night we weren't expecting Jacob home until well past Embry's bedtime. He's currently taking "Spanish for Lawyers" and he was supposed to have class that night. He ended up playing hookie from class since he hadn't seen Embry all weekend! E had a great evening with Daddy.

The most perfect gift for our girl (From Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Jon)

9 Month Check Up

Tuesday July 2 was Embry's 9 month check up with the pediatrician. 

The stats I took myself the day before were almost spot on! 

Height: 29 inches (93%)
Weight: 20.0 pounds (75%)
Head Circumference: 47 cm (80%)

Here are her stats from her six month check up three months ago...
Height: 28 inches (95+ %) (95+ basically means off the chart)
Weight: 17 lb 14 oz (88%)
Head Circumference: 44.6 cm (95 %)

As you can see, she's coming down on the charts, especially in weight and HC. This rings true to what I've read and what my pediatrician told me early on...that breastfed babies tend to be bigger, have higher stats and more growth in the first six months and then slow way down in months 6-12. And formula fed babies are smaller for the first six months and have growth spurts in months 6-12. 

We got an additional tip on her eczema. I told Dr. Hart that she still has random spots of eczema and the 1% cortizone cream usually clears it up within hours, but I still hate she gets it! We use Aquaphor after her bath all over her body and she told me that most people don't realize how quickly they need to apply it right after bath and how towel drying baby is not necessary. And lastly, she suggested we have her wear her PJs a few nights in a row, even though they'll be coated with Aquaphor. I'm having a hard time with this since she's quite the crawler and her PJs seem dirty to me every single day, but I'm having her wear the same pair two nights in a row now, instead of just one night and washing them. We'll see how this goes! 

Anyway, she checked out 100% healthy, normal and right on track! She didn't want to sit on the table and was showing off her crawling and pulling up skill for our doctor. Dr. Hart mentioned how strong she was and that she thinks she'll for sure be walking by a year old. 

I had a good conversation about feeding E with the doctor. Embry was still nursing every three hours during the day, equaling five times a day. I have been wanting to cut back some and she told me that I definitely can and that 9 months old is usually the age where the switch happens where babies get more calories from table food than from breast milk or formula. 

(Since Wednesday I have only been nursing Embry three times a day and she's been doing great! Morning (6:30am-ish), before afternoon nap (1:00pm-ish) and night (6:45pm-ish) She does seem to be eating more table food! I'm quite happy with the change-it's freeing not to have to feed her every three hours now!)

The last thing that happened at the pediatrician was a blood draw to check Embry's iron level. I had read ahead of time in various books and parenting websites that no shots happen at 9 months, but they still have to be pricked for the iron check. Boo! Well E was a champ and didn't flinch or make one peep! And her iron levels were good to go! (Babies are born with 6 months worth of iron, so by this point, it's important they get the required iron they need, especially breastfed babies who don't drink iron-fortified formula). 

Overall, it was a great appointment! Embry is right on track and in our eyes a perfect little girl! I know it's redundant, but we do not take Embry's good health and spot on development for granted. Each check up we hear our girl is healthy in all aspects, it's music to our ears. 

Ready for the doctor!

All American Girl

HC check!

We ran a few errands after the doctor, and Embry was quite a joy!

Happy girl!

Morning with a friend

Wednesday morning I helped out a neighbor who needed me to watch her 17 month old Cameron for a few hours. He arrived before Embry's morning nap, then he and I played while E slept and then we all had some time after she woke up to play. Let me say, a toddler and a crawler are hard work, but we had a good time!

Playing on the "laptop"

Little buddies!

Holiday Weekend in Austin

Wednesday evening we headed down to Austin! We packed the car, got Embry ready for bed  and hit the road! We spent the 4th of July at the Fanning's, but made an appearance at the Embry's house for a few hours that evening.

Embry and some of her monogrammed goodies!

Sleeping in the car

Pool time at the Fanning's

Embry LOVED the watermelon! Duh!

Embry and Aunt Tomi

Ernie helping himself to my lap! 

Taking a break from swimming with Uncle James

At Kiki and E-Pa's house on 4th of July with Great Grandma Gordon

Watching Daddy in the window
Friday we had another fun pool day at Mimi and Papa's house! A few of my best friends came over to swim during the day and that evening! The family all went out to McCormick and Schmick's for dinner in The Domain and had a great time! We ended the evening with a FroYo trip and playing games. 

Two cute things happened out to dinner. One, Embry started doing Peek-a-boo on her own! She was taking the napkin and hiding her face and when we'd say "where's Embry" she'd move the napkin down, very proudly! She's done it a few times since and I've yet to catch it on camera! Second, she did something to Mimi that she's only done to me. She leaned in and gave her a big kiss on the mouth. My mom was holding her at dinner and she was getting tired. She was being very sweet and leaned in and gave her a big kiss on the mouth. Tooooo cute! 

Mimi is so funny!

Didn't get a great pictures, but me, E and James

We made Embry her own baby pool in a big Rubermaid! She loved it!

Hi Daddy!!

Emily and Embry! 
Hi Papa and Aunt Tomi!!
Dinner at The Domain
E checking out mom and dad's prom pictures from 2003! Crazy!
Saturday and Sunday morning we stayed at the Embry's house and had a ball! We spent time playing with E inside, swimming two different times, having a fabulous meal and playing spades for hours after Embry went down! We are so lucky to have two families so close who we get to spend time with and love to host our little family! 

E thought she had to lean back to drink her pouch of food....hah

Cuddle bug!

Ready to swim!

Pool day!

Love this picture!!

Playing with her toys

Morning fun on the deck!

She loves all the doggies!

Playing "this little piggie" with Kiki

This is our sweet, happy girl throwing a FIT!!! She wanted to feed herself a pouch of yogurt on the carride home today... She tends to squeeze too much when I first open it so I insist on helping her for the first few "sips". She wanted to do it ALONE!

So I gave in and let her do it alone and she was happy as can be...... oh brother!

She ended up taking an unexpected nap the last hour of the trip, which was awesome!

Happy to be home and eating lunch!

Such a cute story...I was on the couch and she was hidden from my view playing in the window. I hear her scream DADADADA and then I look over and see that Jake came and was weed-eating the side yard! She sure loves her Daddy!


I only took three videos this week! Well, only three that were "YouTube worthy"! Some weeks I go crazy and post multiple videos a day, but this week we really spent most of our time crazily unpacking from Missouri and repacking for Austin and then just relaxing with family and friends! 

Here's Embry crawling around...

Embry on Wednesday evening when Daddy got home from work! 

And one of her eating a pouch of pumpkin banana puree...too funny!!

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