Sunday, July 21, 2013

Embry: 41 Weeks

Some New Things

*E started cruising Friday!!!
*We moved Embry into 12 month PJs this week! Even Jacob said, this is weird!!! She surprisngly still fit really well into her 6-9 month PJs, but starting at 12 months they put rubber, non-slip stuff on the feet and it was getting dangerous with her pulling up in her footed PJs. When we were packing up her 6-9 month jammies I showed Jacob how a few didn't even seem worth saving since the knees are dirty and beat up from crawling and he insisted we need to keep every article of clothing of hers so we can look back on them....uh oh! Haha!
*She is doing this HILARIOUS new face..haven't caught it on camera yet, but she squishes up her face like she's tasting something gross. Jacob calls it her sour face and Papa was calling it her squishy face. Hoping it's a short lived phase....

Two First Foods

Sunday afternoon we decided to get out of the house for an early dinner and a few errands. We ate right next to one of our FroYo places and Jacob suggested we stop in after dinner. We decided to let E in on our favorite frozen treat! We don't plan on giving her real ice cream, cupcakes, etc for awhile, especially not before her first bite of cake at her first birthday party. But since she already eats yogurt daily, we figured some plain froyo would be fun! She LOVEDDDDD it. So cute!!!

Posing with her new paci clip Aunt Ruthie made! So nice to have one clipped to the carseat now!

Quick stop at the grocery store with Dada

Modeling gifts from her aunties (onesie from Tomi and headband from Ruthie)

She doesn't even know what she's in for!!!

Sorry E, no toppings for you!

Whatever that is, GIVE ME MOREEEE

Monday we met Jacob for lunch at a Mexican restaurant near his office. We try to meet him for lunch once a week so he can get some extra Embry time! Our waters came with limes and Jacob wanted E to try it! So of course we had to get it on film, then get a few pictures. It was funny that she kept going back for more! Here's the video and then a few pics! (On a side note, Embry chowed on TWO pouches of food- 3.5 oz of butternut squash, and 3.5 oz of quinoa, blueberries and Greek yogurt, she ate my entire "avocado salad" I got with my meal, a bunch of the shredded chicken from my enchiladas, and about 10 bites of Jacob's re-fried beans.... My goodness!!!)

Finishing up her "Mish Mash" pouch (quinoa, Greek yogurt and blueberries)

Post lunch pic of Daddy and his "little litigator"

Day with E

Tuesday we had the pleasure keeping our little buddy, Eliot, for the day. I knew it'd be fun since Embry just adores him. I took the kiddos to a free "Mommy & Me Crafts Day" at a local church. It was so fun to have Eliot there and do all the crafts they had set up. Embry was content in her stroller for quite awhile, but then wanted to get down and play which was challenging (since most of the crafts involved paint....)! I have CRAZY respect for people who have kids 19 months apart!!! 

Water break!!

Snack time

Eliot putting on a concert for us

Jacob came home for lunch to run through his opening arguments for trial that afternoon. He had a lively audience...hah!


I have too many cute pics from the library this week not to share. We got there early and looked at some books and E made a friend who kept asking to hold her. (The little girl was only 2 herself- hah!) 

James' Tournament

My brother, James, had a basketball tournament Thursday-Saturday here in town...well about 30 miles north of us. My family hit the road early Thursday to come spend a few hours with us before James' first game. We had a great time hanging out with them! Friday, they didn't have a game until 2:00 pm, so right when Embry woke up from her morning nap she and I hit the road north! We were at their hotel by 10:00 am and had fun swimming in the pool and playing in their room. In the hotel room is when E started cruising when Papa and Uncle James were a few feet apart and passing her lovey bear back and forth. We went to James' game, that they won-yay! and then out to a nice dinner. Saturday the team unfortunately lost their first game and were out of the tournament. But that meant we got to spend more time with them! So glad we got to spend time with my family and the next time we see them will be when Baby Hart arrives =)

Waiting for Mimi, Papa, and Uncle James

She loves her Mimi so much!

She loves doing "to market" with Papa!!

Good luck Uncle James!

Swimming at the hotel

Mom- I'm busy smiling at the baby in the mirror

Peek-a-boo with Uncle James

Mimi's jewelry box is soooo fun!

More peek-a-boo with Uncle James

James and Emmy!

Mimi cleaning off E

Smiley girl!


Between hanging with my family and a few chores around the house we had a fun weekend running errands and hanging together!

She can always, always put a smile on her Daddy's face =)

Daddy taking Embry on a highchair ride!

Okay, I can't help myself!!!! She is too cute!!

She was in the best mood!

Shopping for some work stuff for Dada

I'll find some blue work socks for you Daddy!

We went and used a gift card at Red Lobster and E had a ball. She STUNNED us both by how much she ate (2 biscuits, our potato soup, tomatoes from salad, pasta.... oh and her own baby food!!!!)

She also spent a lot dinner waving at the kids at other tables and talking to them

Modeling her new PJs from Mimi and Papa


Story-time with Dada

One of my favorite pics! Monday morning play time for the two girls!

Athena is such a trooper! 

E loves playing with our soda fridge and the extra sodas! 

Fun new toy!

My little sweetie!

Her gums were bothering her Tuesday so I gave her frozen blueberries in the mesh feeder- big hit!

This whole standing in the tub thing is gonna kill me!

Post bath selfies!

I just loved how the lovey was draped over her here! 

Poor Theenie can't even eat in peace

I found a solution to the fireplace being E's favorite play spot...We've now draped the quilt my Grandpa Premer made us for our wedding across it, so now it's super padded and no sharp corners sticking out!

These blocks are some of her favorite toys!

Trip to Old Navy with our buddy Eliot

I gave her shredded mozz cheese this week and she LOVED it!

Busy playing alone

Don't worry Athena, I'll help you catch those squirrels!

Playing at Eliot's house with his trains!

Rocking out to a guitar

Breakfast with Dada

July 19 was the 5 year anniversary of our engagement!

Friday night we let Embry play in her dresser drawers.... she had a ball! Two cutteeeee videos below of it!

"Helping" Mom put the clothes back.... 

Rocking with Daddy


Embry playing with her bucket

Embry and Athena's bone...our sweet, patient pup is the best!!!

Embry and Mommy!

Embry cruising!!

Embry playing peek-a-boo!

Embry playing with her clothes!

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