Sunday, July 14, 2013

Embry: 40 Weeks

Grandpa Gordon

Last Monday the world lost a great man. Jacob's Grandpa Gordon (Ron Gordon) passed away. He was a wonderful man and he will be very missed by all. It is especially tough since this is the first one of both mine and Jacob's grandparents to pass away. We are very thankful that we were in town the weekend before when Grandpa was hospitalized and Jacob got to go to the hospital to spend a few hours with him. 

On Thursday July 11 we made a day trip to Austin to attend Grandpa's funeral and celebrate his life. Jacob gave the eulogy and did a fantastic job. He shared some great memories of Grandpa that we will treasure forever! Grandpa, we miss you already! (Thursday was also our four year wedding anniversary and we plan on celebrating soon-I'll post about it when we do- thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes this week!)

One of my favorite pictures of E and Grandpa (April 2013)

Grandma and Grandpa and us on our wedding day, four years ago (July 2009)

Grandpa and his Higgins' grandsons in Mexico (May 2011)

Grandpa and Jacob on our Caribbean cruis (May 2011)

Four generations Thanksgiving weekend (November 2012)

Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary (June 2013)

I only got these three photos of Embry on the day of the funeral. Crawling a dress was not her favorite thing...

Sunday Funday

Last Sunday afternoon when Jacob was done with yard work we set up our little splash pad in the back yard. E had a ball playing with Daddy!

e&e Playdates

This week we had four, yup, four playdates with our favorite neighbor Eliot. His mom Lauren and I decided that the time between afternoon nap and when the daddies get off work is a tough time, even with happy kiddos. It's sweltering outside, the babies want to be entertained, and the moms want some outside contact. All week (besides Thursday when we were in Austin) we took turns meeting at each other's houses for the afternoon. 

Friday we had an extra fun playdate where our neighbors (kidless neighbors at that) let us use their pool in their backyard! Oh it was awesome!! We'll definitely be doing that more often and paying our pool fee in wine to keep the owners on board with the baby takeover of their backyard!

Embry loved Eliot's big truck!

These two kill me! Swear we didn't make them pose like this!

Walking down to meet at the pool

Little ruffle bottom!

Eliot "driving Embry's car"

Two Fun Outings

Embry seems to have a ball doing our normal week to week errands like grocery shopping, etc... (grocery shopping to Embry means endless people to wave and squeal at-endless fun) but we had two fun baby outings this week. We went to our two classes ("Baby Bounce" and story-time) at the library Wednesday morning where Embry loved to shake her maracas! After the classes I walked with a friend to the main library and let Embry pick out a few books. Well I got carried away talking and decided to just let Embry keep herself occupied! Whoops! I'm sure the librarians don't have the board books organized too well.... At least Mama got to catch up with a friend, right?

Secondly, on Friday we went to "Family Fun Fridays" at the Dallas Arboretum. Each season they have a theme of what certain areas are decorated and this summer is Alice in Wonderland! There are all kinds of houses and pieces of the set all made out of flowers and plants. It's amazing! And at Family Fun Friday they had Alice doing story-time and taking pictures with the kids. They also have arts and crafts, face painting, a petting zoo and a free Kindermusik class on a hill overlooking White Rock Lake. It's gorgeous (and HOT)! Anyway  this event goes all summer, but this was our first one to attend. Embry had a great time at the petting zoo and I had to hold her back some. She wanted to pet and crawl onto all of the animals (lamb, cow, goats, and a rabbit). We then enjoyed the Kindermusik class and made friends with a little boy about her size. They loved crawling around together and pulling up onto each other's strollers...hah! 

SOO into shaking it!

Pure joy!

Alice needed a lesson in holding babies! Hah!



Getting ready for Kindermusik!

We were both hot and tired leaving the Arboretum!

Our Weekend

For the first part of Saturday we mostly hung around the house, but ran a quick errand to Joann Fabric where Miss E loves to look around. 

Daddy and Emmy

A little swing fun

I gave her a new food- canned peas and carrots! They were a huge hit and nice and soft for Miss Gummy-No-Teeth

This is how we get a few minutes of freedom around here!

Cleaning baby

Chilling with Daddy

In the afternoon we had our favorite family down the street over for play time, cookout, and games. It's so nice to hang with people who are in the same life-stage as us, who want to start hanging out in the afternoon and we're all exhausted and calling it a night at 11:00! Embry just ADORES Eliot and literally squeals when she sees him. We're working on Eliot's love for Embry... hah. Right now she's just the obnoxious baby who wants all the toys he's playing with. Regardless, we all six have a great time together. 

Daddy with e&e

Dinner time!

Embry can't get enough of him!

Bath time fun!

Today we woke up to a dreary, rainy day and thought it was the perfect morning for breakfast tacos from our favorite Mexican dive and a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. The DMA is free all summer long and it's been on our "short list" of things to do this summer. We got there a few minutes before it opened and stayed for about 2 hours. We didn't make it through the whole museum, but since it's free all summer we decided to hit it when it hit E's lunch time and nap time was honing in on us. Embry seemed to enjoy herself quite a bit. She loved all the exhibits, but really wanted to touch everything! Hah! 

Where's Dada?

She is VERY confident in pulling up on all things and getting herself back down on her bottom! So cute!

A real VanGough


Having fun alone in her pack n play!

Fuzzy head!

Always so happy after bath! 

Sometimes Mama just gives in and lets water time happen....

Aunt Tomi celebrated a big birthday this week! We love you!

Usually busy reading a book

I added the tray to her stroller this week...makes her look so old!

We found a new food she loves! Veggie burgers!!!!

I finally cleared out my freezer and donated my breast milk stash! So happy to see it go to a good home! 

I thought she looked so old in this picture! My tall girl!

Always getting into something... =)


Embry reading (from July 1 but I never uploaded to Youtube!)

Maybe two of my favorite videos every. Monday and Tuesday I recorded when Jacob got home from work... she now knows when she hears the backdoor open at 6:20 pm it's Daddy! And she always drops what she's doing and heads for the door saying "dadada". Cutest thing ever!

Embry playing with her bucket....

Embry pulling up...

Embry shopping...

Embry chowing on a veggie burger...

Embry shaking it at music class...

Embry playing...

Embry reading... (LOVE this one!) 

Embry drinking water...

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