Sunday, May 26, 2013

Embry: 33 Weeks

A few new things this week!
-Took her first few crawls (early in the week and hasn't repeated it)
-Seems to be enjoying actually "reading" books, not just eating them
-Says "bababa" 

Ready Rosie 

Thursday we filmed three videos for a very cool company, Ready Rosie. ( In short, it's a subscription service where parents receive a daily email with a video of an age appropriate activity to do. In the past they've only done preschool aged subscriptions. But, they are starting infants and toddlers. One of my friends in the neighborhood works for them and encouraged us to apply to film. We filmed three videos and I actually filmed a fourth with a little boy. (Got to pretend I had a 2 yo boy! Hah!) Also, they used our house for three other people's filming, so it was fun to see all the action go on. I think we'll get a copy of our videos in a few weeks when they're done being edited =) 

Pink Eye and Eczema

Friday afternoon when Embry got up from her afternoon nap her right eye was super crusty and kind of red. Luckily my mom was in town (more below) and able to agree with me that I should call the pediatrician. She also had a pretty bad drool rash that started Wednesday and seemed to be moving down her body (tummy, arms, etc). The rash did NOT seem to be bothering her and she was drooling a ton, so we weren't too concerned. With her eye though, I was happy to call the doctor and report both problems. The nurse wanted to get us in since it was going to be a long, holiday weekend, plus she had just had the roseola rash last week. So off to the doctor we went. 

We saw a new-to-us, male doctor...actually our regular doctors father who started the practice decades ago. (Embry definitely did a once over on him, looked back and me, and then gave him the lip and a big ole cry!) He did say she had pink eye, but he thinks viral. He wrote us a prescription, but didn't want us to fill it unless it got to Sunday at it was still crusty. As for her rash, he thinks it's just eczema. Said she could have it this once, maybe a few more times in her life, maybe outgrow it in toddler-hood,  maybe never again. He recommended cortisone cream and Aquaphor (which we already use on her bottom!). Also, to use a gentle soap when bathing. Not much you can do for it, but he wasn't concerned. Always somethin with a baby, that's for sure!

*Embry woke up Saturday morning and her rash seems cleared up for the most part! Her eyes are now both a little seepy, but not nearly bad enough for the eye drops. (Although, I may fill the Rx for if/when we have pink eye again, since it's bound to happen!)

She LOVES the fish tank at the pediatricians office

Kisses for the pretty baby in the mirror

James' Tournament

This holiday weekend James has a basketball tournament in Dallas (FINALLY)! My parents took him out of school Friday and hit the road at 7:00 am so they could be here for some good Embry time! 

Here are a bunch of pictures of our fun day on Friday!

Reading with Aunt Tomi

She loves her Mimi and Papa =)

And especially loves her Mimi's glasses

Shootin hoops with Uncle James!

My two babies! 

Embry using James as her personal jungle gym!

You've been hiding my blocks over here Uncle James?

Piano break

More reading! 


Too cute!

See? More into actually reading lately!

Saturday we headed out for a day of basketball .......
Blurry, but the shirt I made her!

Go Uncle James!

Ready to go!

Daddy and Emmy playing at the gym

E and Aunt Tomi


E was so good at lunch, gobbled up her baby food, and my side of cottage cheese

Nibbles from Papa

Between games we went to lunch, then E took a nap in the car (running of course!)

And we wasted some time walking around Babies R Us

Looking tired after a day of basketball!

Watching her Uncle!

Dallas Arboretum

Going back a week...last Sunday we decided to go to the Dallas Arboretum after Embry's afternoon nap, the hottest time of the day. Hah! We only stayed about 90 minutes, but we sure worked up a sweat! I do love all the summer flowers and colors there, but it's much more enjoyable to walk the Arboretum in the cooler spring and fall months! 

She's a little crooked...she likes to hang over the edge to see what's going on! 

Love all the pretty flowers!

I want those flowers!!!


Embry is still awfully good about playing alone. In fact, one night this week when I was showing Jacob all my videos of Embry for that day he said, she's actually playing now! She does seem to know exactly what toy she wants and then gets bored and moves on. She is a very busy girl! Here are quite a few shots of her playing. 

Rest break

Took her first few crawls! 

Let me see what I can read today....

This looks like a good one!

Tastes good too!

Busy baby 

"Helping" me do laundry

She discovered doing laps around the couch


Got the ole playmat out for a little romp! She LOVED it!

One of my favorite pictures of the her little legs!

Having fun playing with the Fresca and Coke Zero boxes

In real push-up position!

Checkin in with Mama while playing

Very busy morning on her computer. 

Meal Time Fun

I know I've mentioned feeding her solids three times a day isn't my favorite thing... BUT I get lots of cute photos from it! Hah! I mean come on, how does a baby get so messy each meal!?!

One day I had leftover pasta for lunch and she tried some and loved it!

She was getting adventurous during her post lunch rinse off... trying to climb into the other sink! 


Who's that pretty girl in the mirror?

Literally 20 min after I painted my toenails she went crazy over them. Not used to the purple toes!

Sweet sleeping baby

Morning smiles

So busy while shopping

First time in the tub without her baby bath!

What all my iPhone pictures of her in the Johnny Jump Up look like

Wouldn't be right if I didn't get a sleeping baby picture

3 weeks old to 7 months 3 weeks old!

Baby mohawk

Embry took a shower with me and thought it was SO fun! Hah! 

Our new splash pad! So fun! 

Hey Mommy!

That monkey doesn't taste so good

Got your foot Mommy!
So sweet, playing with her Marine Bear from Justin =)

Loves her lovey!


Embry "Reading" here.

Embry playing with Jacob's here.

Embry gets a book she here.

Embry army here.

Embry's first few here.

Embry pretending her rattle is a here

Embry crawls to Daddy after here

Embry and Mommy here

Embry playing here.

Embry "dribbling" her here.  

Embry saying "babababa" at the and at home click here

Embry and here.

Embry and her baby here.

Embry busy on her here

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