Sunday, May 12, 2013

Embry: 31 Weeks

Quick note- for some reason, my YouTube channel is not linking up with my blogger account, so inserting videos wasn't possible... BUT I have a ton of cute videos of Embry this week! So I've put them in as links, so click on the word "here" where I talk about a video! 

Mother's Day

We're only a few hours into Mother's Day and I've had an awesome day so far! 

Woke up to find flowers, cards, cupcakes, a fountain soda, a balloon  a cute dog and a happy baby girl! Jacob made an awesome breakfast of homemade breakfast tacos and surprised me with a gift card to my favorite nail salon for a mani/pedi! Embry's now down for a nap and when she wakes we're headed out to try out church here in town that a lot of people in our play group go to! 

Video of Embry and Mommy here!

Here's the craft that Embry "made" for her grandmas, great grandmas, and Aunt Ruthie!

Visit From Mimi

Mimi (my mom) was here Tuesday morning through Thursday afternoon and we had a ball! 

We ran errands, had three fun lunches out, and got Embry's pictures made! Despite my worries about Embry's sleeping with guests in the house, she slept great! And actually Thursday night, Mimi's first night gone, Embry got up and cried for about 30 minutes in the night. 

Here's a photo recap of her time in Dallas! 

Even fake pacifiers are yummy

Lunch with Mimi and liking black olives, yuck!

Book time

She learned how to drink out of a straw! Luckily I had already bought straw sippy cups!

The girl loves to swing!

And loves to drive her car

Little poser! 

The next bunch of pictures are from story-time/music class at the library! She was such a good girl sitting alone during the story time and then got very into the music part and even learned how to shake the maracas! Video below!

A little girl Emma helping Embry =)

See a video of Embry at music class here!

Fun in her walker! 

Swinging fun! 

Mimi's the best!

Mimi and Emmy!

She loves my $2.99 Goodwill find! 

Bathtime fun with Mimi

It's all fun and games til someone poops in the tub!

It was bound to happen sooner or later!

Mommy and Embry in the same dress! (E will get her 1 year pictures done in this!) 


A few weeks ago I bought a Groupon deal for JC Penny Portrait Studio. I just adore the photos that Ruthie takes of Miss E, but thought we needed some in studio pictures done of Miss E. We ordered a CD of all of the photos, but they won't be in for another 2 weeks or so. Here are the three images we were allowed to "leave with" Thursday. I just can't wait to share them all! 

A Day at the Races

We spent Saturday afternoon at Lone Star Park attending the horse races! So much fun! We went for a friends birthday, so we were up in one of the nice restaurants with awesome views of the track! 

E got all gussied up for the races

Walking into the track

Birthday boy Jason, Daniel, and Jacob

"Auntie" Ashli and Emmy

Not napping in her car seat as we had planned....

Even with no nap, she managed to be a happy camper!

Cashing out at the end of the day. 

Worn out pup on the way home! Clutching her lovey.

Playing, Playing, Playing...

Embry is pretty darn good about playing by herself. Sometimes it's only a few minutes, but sometimes it's 30 minutes and I can manage to get some stuff done around the house! 

I noticed when going through all the pictures for this week that there were quite a few of her playing by herself. Cutie!!!

Videos of Embry playing alone here and here


Sunday after I posted the blog, Jacob took Embry to White Rock Lake for an hour long hike. 

Daddy daughter fun!

Will she be a little litigator like Daddy?
Way too many pictures of her in this outfit, but how could I choose?

She watched her first episode (or 10 minutes) of Barney

Egg whites, black beans, and mango
Definitely into finger foods these days...although usually about half of the food makes it into her mouth. 

Going on a walk with Dolly

Pretty baby girl!

Tomi recently asked if all she does is smile. Nope! She has her moments for sure....

Happy to see Dada home from work!

Breakfast with Daddy
Love this outfit from Kiki and E-Pa!

I know 7 month olds are messy eaters, but Embry may take the cake

Messy lunches call for midday baths....

Impromptu sink bath

Drying off with a kitchen towel

Play date in Eliot's car after a nice long walk!

Avocado baby

I'm not sure why but she always rubs her food on her forehead....

Trying to eat three "skinny sticks" at once

Friday night Jake took E outside after bath...came in the backyard to find them playing here


Two videos of Embry and Daddy at here and here 

Embry having a ball in the here 

Embry having a ball in the Johnny Jump here

Embry's Super Messy here

And an impromptu sink bath where she learned to drink out of a here

Embry playing with here

And Embry here

Embry learns to drink out of a here

And if you missed it above...Embry playing at music here

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